Warlock Pet Massive Threat Trick - A PSA

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    Alright so it turns out that Blood Pact and Paranoia both trigger no global cooldown, so they can be spammed multiple times per second. Also turns out that doing this generates more threat than just about anything else in the game. If you bind the Blood Pact/Paranoia button to your mouse scrollwheel, you can cast it up to 7 times a second, which generates 300/250 threat per second per player in your group (so 1,500/1,250 threat per second). If this buff thing works with allied Hunter and Warlock pets, this could equal up to 3,000 threat per second. I haven't yet found someone high enough level to test it with Felhunters though so let me know if that works out the same as with an Imp.

    (Also, yes I know that this isn't technically the most threat in the game because a Paladin can spam Bless 39 other Paladins, but let's be realistic here)

    Go crazy, y'all!

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    I make videos about the lesser-known ways you can play the 9 classes of Classic World of Warcraft. I'm also a big fan of level 19 twinking. If you would like a video made about something, feel free to let me know!


  • This sounds pretty cool. Does the pet or the master gain the threat?

  • @Ibux

    The pet gains the threat, so things like Health Funnel come in handy.

  • Could be good for gathering mobs while aoe farming. If you demonic sacrifice the pet all the threat is lost, or all threat is transferred to player? and do health funnel gain any from +healing or +damage? Im thinking master demonologist, tier 2 bonus and felhunter should stack plenty of resistance for easy aoe farm on high level elementals.

  • @Ibux Sadly the threat is not only based on players hit by the buff (so you get 1/5th the threat when you're solo with your pet), but it also is evenly distributed amongst all enemy mobs on the threat table (so with enough mobs your pet will take too long to take aggro). Also, I still haven't hit Felhunter level on my Warlock yet but 2 others who have tried to test have said that Imp Blood Pact works, but Felhunter Paranoia doesn't, which would leave the Warlock with only one option for this trick. Also, Demonic Sacrifice makes all pet threat disappear, although if you're the only target left on the enemy's threat table then they'll beeline straight for you.

  • @GideonAI
    disappointing. from my memory the imp isn't much of a tanky demon. have you found any use for this?

  • @Ibux The Imp has only like 1k HP and 1k armor, and it even only gets increased health at half value from Stamina buffs. However, I still think that it might be worth it in an "emergency tank" situation when there's a well-geared healer available and the tank leaves while there's still some boss left to be taken out (and all the other members of the party can't fight in melee). Super niche but the Imp just takes too much damage to be used reliably due to healer mana, even with Improved Health Funnel.