Warrior DPS Gear List

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    Is there a chart or list of the value of equipment for raiding as a DPS Warrior, similar to the one in the following topic?

    Warrior Tank Gear List

    Awhile ago, I was referred to this topic for preparing my Protection Warrior for raiding and beyond. However, given the small size of my guild, I would certainly have to join a much larger guild's raid. Personally, I prefer tanking, but since large guilds would likely already have their dedicated tanks, I think I'd probably have to go for dps, if I ever want to get into a raid. While I have a general idea of what's good for equipment or not, I'm certainly far from a hardcore players and would like to get a better idea so I can become remotely competent in raids.

    Thanks for the info!

  • Druid Alliance

    The best warrior sheet can be found in the warrior discord. However we have a tool that will be coming out very soon that will solve issues like that for you. Stay tuned!

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    Ah, cool. I just need a guideline for now, nothing extraordinarily hardcore, for now. Where can I find that Discord? I'm relatively new here and on Discord, so I don't know how everything quite works, yet.

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