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    How to Solo Pull Vanndar Stormpike

    hey guys, Kuzco here, hope your days going well and the grinds are even better :). If this guide is helpful give my twitch a follow here and come hangout, I'm live every single possible day!

    I was getting a bit tired of having solo pulls absolutely wrecked by our mongoloid animal faction so I made a video explaining the strat in enough detail that we can spread it around and counter our pals over on alliance.

    Love ya - @North-The-Mage

    For those who don't like videos

    • Designate someone from your premade or just a nice stranger to slow kill Prospector preferably someone with super low crit. I typically ask a tank warrior or just do it myself as a mage
    • Have that person white hit her down to 500 hp
    • Let Vanndar Stormpike travel to the tank
    • Let the tank gain threat to curb a wipe


    Youtube Video