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    So I never made it very far on my first try at WoW and always regretted it. I have had some MMO experience in SWG, SWTOR, FFXI, and FFXIV. Classic has been a chance for me to get back into the game.

    So I decided to take a shot again at Warrior and have started attempting to tank some early game Dungeons. My guild and other horde players have been very supportive and helping me along in not getting lost in maps and offering advice but I still feel like I have a lot to learn. Some of the difficulties I have come from not knowing how to explain what I want which is why I look here for some advice.

    My first concern is that when we have some melee DPS in the run they tend to stand on top of the monsters when attacking from different sides. This makes it difficult to click on or see where the mob is facing for myself. I do use Target of target so it hasn't been that much of an issue and I have started to use tab and have auto attack set to Shift +3 for now. I read that we can use macros to solve the no auto attack issue but I haven't played with macro systems so I'm a bit hesitant.

    Another is when it is appropriate to mark targets and how to tell my team where I would like the fight to take place. For example, It isn't always an issue but I will shoot something with a gun and start running back when my melee dudes will run past me and start attacking well ahead of where I wanted the fight to take place.

    Looking at videos of more experienced (and I assume better equipped and skilled) tanks we see much more aggressive running into mobs. I hate to slow the party down but my current thought is to

    1. Check if a group of enemies are near any other groups or patrols.
    2. Shoot and run back to drag as of them as possible to me, starting with patrols if possible.
    3. If the mobs are spaced out enough or there are only a few left I'll run in.

    There is a pretty big gap from what I see myself doing to guides and videos online. I'm 28 right now so I know I don't have all the tools they have yet but communicating with the party is something I can start working on now.

    Thanks for any help.

    Also is there an agreed order for the shapes on the markers for what to kill? I heard moon is sheep and skull is first priority.

  • Sometime we can not go beyond the limit of learning and we understand only those things which make sense to today's world for better understanding anyway so I supposed to go on at this site and get your any type of subject done without thinking it twice.

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