Hardcore FAQ

  • Founder Shaman Horde

    Why did we start Hardcore mode?

    Many people don't exactly meld with the min-maxxing mentality in WoW: Classic, whether it be dungeon cleaving or speed clearing raids. We feel that Hardcore mode will make leveling great again, as well as the open world. Azeroth is an amazing place and we want more people to experience everything it has to offer. Also, Hardcore provides endless content for players of every experience level regardless of how much time they have to commit to a game like WoW: Classic. Relax and smell the roses!

    Do I really need to record and upload to YouTube or stream my attempt?

    No. If you really do not want to upload your footage, no one is forcing you. However, if there is no proof of your exploits, then no one can confirm your progress. Because of this, a run with only "count" if the footage is readily accessible. Remember, you can upload the footage unlisted to YouTube for no cost. So, we recommend doing that at least. Records can only be set if others can also view your runs!

    What happens if I actually make it to 60?

    That is entirely up to you! If you actually make it to 60 and don't die, we believe you can now do whatever you wish to your character. If the character dies after 60, you are no longer required to delete them upon death unless you actually want to!

    What happens if my character dies as a result of a server crash or extreme lag?

    If this unlucky circumstance happens to you and it can be confirmed that an issue actually transpired, you may resurrect and keep going. However, if it is decided that some form of dishonesty occurred, your run will be disqualified.

    Can I do Hardcore mode on a PvP server?

    Of course you can! However, remember, it is extremely likely that a high level character will just randomly gank you or, if streaming, you will be stream sniped. There is no guarantee that PvP skirmishes will be fair. Because of this, we highly recommend that you do not attempt Hardcore Mode on a PvP server. You have been warned!

    Why are talents and professions allowed?

    We are completely aware that WoW: Classic Ironman challenges exist. However, we are fundamentally opposed to the philosophy of playing WoW: Classic in that fashion. Allowing talents and professions opens so much player choice and theorycrafting as well as making content much more exciting and enjoyable for your friends and stream audiences. We want people to think deeply about their character's progression. As a result, this will open up many talents not normally chosen during normal leveling.

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