The Event, BB Server or Any Server?

  • Hearing mixed messages from Melderon and Kargoz. Does your character have to be on Bloodsail Buccaneers to be included in the 12 hour challenge? (EU players would need to take a US subscription to participate?)

  • Founder Horde

    I'd like to see the EU community choose a server for them to do the event as well! We are all NA so I think that would make sense.

  • I've just seen that extra slide, "How to play". BB Server US-East. I think it's fine, especially for the 1st one. I may buy a US sub for the month >.< I'm sure we're capable of organizing an EU version (we do have EU guilds already for HC!) but I'd like to be involved in the streaming & commentary, if I got far! πŸ˜„

  • Initiate

    Hey Guys, we need decision from moderator about EU server for HC Event πŸ™‚

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