ScoreCraft - Undercity

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    If you've ever wondered how Warcraft's music enchants and enthralls us players, enticing us to jump through that portal and be lost in the vastness of Azeroth, look no further.

    ScoreCraft is a series wherein the music and lore of Warcraft's zones are explored in tandem. You'll learn much about both, but no knowledge of either is needed beforehand. Simply sit back, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and equip a hearty stein of hot chocolate.

    There are many great stories woven into the music of this game and, together, we will unravel their mysteries!

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    Hey folks, I'm Chimly and I've been a big Classic advocate ever since the days of Nostalrius. On my channel, alongside discussion videos, I run a series called ScoreCraft, which is an exploration of the music of World of Warcraft. I weave nostalgic, lore-focused storytelling in with easily understandable analysis of how and why the music we love works so well! Whoever said doing a degree in music wouldn't come in handy?