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    ___________CAPTAIN@ Hello ALL __________

    -Are you realize dream enrichment by working make
    If the answer is yes,What are you waiting anymore??? Let cooperate us to make money and realize that dream together.
    -Would like to introduce we are Anonymous - We are Team Make Money Online and I'm Leader of Team.
    -We're looking for good and long-partners for our Business.
    -We Doing a lot of work online and have each member for each job to ensure time for Partners.
    -Working friendly, high sense of responsibility,fast,quality,reliable and ensure absolute security 100% for Partners.
    -Motto of work : Prestigious is top - Customer is God.
    -Always have special deal for Best Partners as well as long-partners.
    -I'm sure you will be satisfied if work with us.

    Will I have any customs or additional fees to pay when I receive my product? No.There is no customs fees or additional taxes. I ship as a gift from a private business
    What carrier you use to ship ? I use DHL /Fedex/UPS/Express/EMS any one you can choose....Do you accept PayPal No.. How can I pay you then ? By Bitcoin, Amazon Gift Card with Cash Receipt and iTunes card.

    I Sell With vbv code as well each Fullz Debit/credit Card +Fullz Live 100% Do Money Transfer Wu/Gram Sell CCv/Fullz all dear respectable customers I am a hacker for 12years experience working with credit card present, do wu transaction and sell ccv all Bank Logs, Dumps Plus Pin all country In Stock !

    Looking for long term partner with our best services. All transaction information is totally secured.support dedicated, especially new customer, and also we have discount for our long term customer..OUR rules: do not ask for example, free test or beg here.let buy for test. All our products and services is always checked in advance before giving to customer. Free refund within 24hours

    I'M Captain !! looking for good buyers because we have good information, that updates regularly and has a very high balance,
    So we need good buyers and often we will give you a good price for you to work (good price for beginners)
    Contact if you need and are serious.Captain@hacker.crd993
    CONTACT ME ICQ : 755923644
    thank for time your !!!!!!!

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