<Ironsworn> [Razorgore- EU] GMT +1 [Horde] - PvE Raiding Guild

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    <Ironsworn> Razorgore EU Horde. BWL 8/8, MC 10/10, Ony 1/1.

    Ironsworn is a friendly, progressive raid guild that is looking for more members to help with our full weekly raid content clears. Our leadership has a mix of vanilla, retail, and private server raiding experience. We seek experienced raiders (or competent players willing to learn) to join our team as we gear up for AQ and Naxx.

    Join Our Team:
    Since we only raid two days per week, we are looking for people that turn up on time, prepared, with the appropriate consumables. We use a DKP system, which is simple and straight forward. We expect applicants to be lv 60, mostly pre-BIS, and attuned to Onyxia, Molten Core and BWL. We do some theorycrafting and review logs to improve our performance, and welcome similarly minded people to join our team.

    Raid Schedule:
    Days: Saturday & Sunday.
    Saturday: BWL and Onyxia: start time 14:30pm
    Sunday: Molten Core: Start time 14:30pm. ZG: Start time 20:00pm
    We also run a second ZG on Weds: Start time 20:00pm.

    Class Needs:
    1x Resto Shaman – high
    1x Resto Druid – high
    2x Rogue - high
    2x Priest - high (Disc or holy)
    1x Warlock - medium
    1x Fury Warrior - medium

    We also are always willing to consider exceptional players no matter what class.


    Ironsworn’s discord: https://discord.gg/Uk2zZrh

    Join our discord channel and post in the recruitment channel your class, experience, what you are looking for in a raiding guild and contact details so an officer can get back to you. If that fails then contact an officer ingame for more details.

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