Undead Warrior Quest and Site Leveling Guide

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    So I've been using the sites leveling guild (which is bloody awesome) for a while now and I notice it has a few slight errors in it.

    One of which is the quest Agamand Heirlooms. The guide has you pick up the quest but then it seems like it never returns you to it. So the quest just sits in your log. I am currently lvl 17 in Barrens and the quest is gray (gonna most likely just delete the quest). I've gone back and forth through the guide to see if I missed anything to do it.

    I've noticed small little things like this mainly for Class quests. Not sure if you want to go back in and add something or just change it to not be picked up.

    Their is also a chance that I am just not far enough into the guide and it has you go back to do it.

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