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    Do you like to fish in World of Warcraft? Do you want to become a Master Angler? Do you want to flex on the people that kept telling you that fishing is a useless profession? Then the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza is the event that you want to attend this Sunday! This video will tell you all about this fishing tournament and how to substantially increase your chance of success. Enjoy!

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    Before the Tournament:

    What to do:

    • Set your hearth to Booty Bay as the NPC for the turn in is right outside the inn

    • Keybind your fishing skill; because it is all about speed and efficiency, you want to keybind to easily spam it, not something like Alt+P. If you have a mouse with extra buttons on the side, that would be a good idea

    • Turn on auto loot so you do not have to click on the fish in the loot window, that will shave extra seconds

    • Make sure you have your riding set, so the gloves and boots enchants and your Carrot on a Stick if you do not have talents that give this bonus (i.e. Pursuit of Justice)

    • (Optional) Practice your casts - if you are too close or too far, your bobber will land outside the pool too often, and that will slow you down as you can only fish from the pool if your bobber lands inside the actual pool.

    What to bring:

    • You need a minimum of 225 skills to fish efficiently in STV, but real chads show up with 300 skills, or even better, 420! No but seriously, lures aren’t necessary as they mostly slow you down if you have 225 skills without them.

    • Obviously you will bring your Big Iron Fishing Pole if you are Alliance, or Nat Pagle’s Extreme Angler FC-5000 if you are Horde

    • You can easily get the ZG buff for the extra 10% movement speed, and if you a revered with the Zandalarian tribe, you can get the Swiftness of Zanza for a 20% bonus instead

    • You’ll want to bring Swiftness Potions, Swim Speed Potions and your Azure Silk Belt, as they are all quite cheap for the benefits they can grant you in general and for this particular event.
      If you really want this trinket, it is better to bring too much than not enough, as you never know how it’s going to be from week to week. Maybe there wasn’t a lot of competition last week, but this week it can be totally different, so make sure to expect the unexpected

    During the Tournament:

    Get at least 10 chads to help you out

    • You’ll want to get anglers and PvP’ers

    • Then you split them in 2 groups, with 1 warlock in each one if possible, half of them will be with the angler interested in winning the tournament and the other will be in another area, looking for pools and locking them down.

    • In the first group, you’ll want 2 bodyguards to be with the angler at all times to protect it from the opposite faction while the 2 others will scout north and south for pools, upcoming anglers and threats.

    • There will be a lot of twinks, more than you’ve ever seen, swarming STV, so you will want to know where they are so they do not interfere with your win. If you only have to concentrate on your bobber and where to fish next, you will save a lot of time.

    • Meanwhile, you will have the other group doing pretty much the same thing, looking for the opposite faction and scouting for tasty fish pools.
      If you have anglers, they can fish the pools of other participants to slow them down, although twinks are only there for the BiS, and not for the win, so remember that.

    • By having a warlock in each group, you can easily summon your angler from one corner of STV to the other if you are being harassed at either location or if you run out of uncontested pools.
      You can also summon your angler from pool to pool if they are quite far from one another to save even more time. Therefore make sure your warlocks have plenty of shards.

    • So you basically keep fishing until you have your 40 Speckled Tastyfish and at that point you hearth immediately back to Booty Bay and you turn in the quest to the Goblin in the middle.

    • At that point, you get your reward and he will yell across the zone that so and so is the Master Angler, thus finishing the tournament. Afterwards, the pools will still be available until 4:00 PM and can still yield the rare fish for the fishing gear quests.

    • If you have a bunch of Tastyfish but didn’t get the win, you can turn them in to the NPC on the right for 23s for every 5 fish that you have, so you can make a little bit of money nonetheless.

    So that’s all I have to say about the fishing tournament, thank you all for watching, and I hope it will help you get your trinket, or your pole without much of a headache. We’ll see us soon guys, in the meantime, have a good one, take care of yourself, and most importantly, stay blessed!