What Made Leveling In Vanilla WoW So Great?

  • In this video, I show why leveling in Vanilla was so good and why its better than what Retail WoW offers now

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    About the Author

    I’m Hamsterwheel, a YouTube content creator that focuses mainly on older versions of WoW, including Classic. Making videos has always been a great way for me to let my creativity and fantasy run wild, from coming up with new ideas, to what footage to use. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed doing as a hobby. When Classic launches, I hope to level together with my friends the same way we did 13 years ago when we were just new to the game. And, I also hope to once again annoy the heck out of people for rolling as a Balance Druid.

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    This is my favorite game. I always liked to play it when I was a kiddo now i aint got much time

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    Heeey, thats a great post. I beeen playing WoW for 9 years maybe or even more. This is the best game ever. I can play it for hours and never feel tired or something. I follow this blog as well to find new ways to boost account and get free weapons and money and other skills.