Gear Planner is wrong, fix this please

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    I put in my exact: race, class, gear, enchants, everything, and the planner shows my values of mana, int, and spell crit, that DO NOT MATCH my character.


    Gnome, Mage, lev 60
    Helm: Archanist Crown - no chant
    Neck: Jeklik's Opaline Talisman - no chant
    Shoulder: Zandalar Illusionist's Mantle - no chant
    Cape: Cloak of Consumption - no chant
    Chest: Bloodvine Vest - +4 stats
    Wrist: Arcanist Bindings - no chant
    Glove: Arcanist Gloves - no chant
    Belt: Firemaw's Clutch - no chant
    Legs: Bloodvine Leggings - presence of sight (SP + hit)
    Boots: Bloodvine Boots - Minor Speed
    Ring 1: Zanzil's Seal - no chant
    Ring 2: Dragonslayer's Signet - no chant
    Trinket 1: Eye of the Beast - no chant
    Trinket 2: Briarwood Reed - no chant
    Weapon: Jin'do's Judgement - no chant
    Ranged: Icefury Wand - no chant

    I am now going to cover the stats that DO NOT MATCH between gear planner and game

    Gear planner claims:
    Mana - 5703
    Int - 314
    Crit - 10.28

    My real unbuffed stats:
    Mana - 5688 (15 less than gear planner)
    Int - 317 (3 more than gear planner)
    Crit - 10.53 (0.25 more than gear planner, this is from the addon ECS, so maybe the addon is wrong or maybe gear planner is wrong)

    I know straight up the mana and int are not lining up, and I have no reason not to think the crit is not lining up.

    Also, gear planner never asked me my profession, so I would love to know why it assumes I am a tailor getting crit from Bloodvine set bonus, which I am ...

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