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  • What is Phentermine?

    Phentermine is an FDA-approved drug used to treat obesity along with a proper diet and regular exercise. It belongs to the appetite suppressant medication class that works as a CNS stimulant to reduce food cravings.

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    You can easily buy Phentermine online or purchase it from a local drug store near you, but being a controlled and scheduled drug, buying or selling Phentermine without a proper prescription from a doctor is not permitted under the law.

    Why is it used?

    Phentermine is an appetite suppressant medicine used to treat obesity and lose weight. It works on the brain and nervous system to reduce food cravings.

    Phentermine dosage

    Phentermine dosage will vary from patient to patient. To determine suitable dosages, your doctor will examine you properly and recommend the minimum possible Phentermine dose.

    Phentermine dosage will depend on certain factors such as:

    • Age and weight of the patients
    • The seriousness of the conditions
    • How you responded to the first dose of the medicine

    The typical Phentermine dose will be as follows:
    In the form of oral tablets

    Dosage for treating obesity

    • For adults
    8 gm of the Phentermine tablets thrice a day; Your doctor will further adjust your dose as and when needed.

    • For children
    Using phentermine tablets for treating children is not recommended.

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