Spell Hunter Overview (Video and Written)

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    Ok here to report some conflicting data.... I ran three tests..........

    The first test was a six boss and trash molten core clear...... I fired 3627 auto shots and frost arrow proc'ed 423 times for roughly a 8.6% proc chance.... I ran multiple side tests spamming only serpent sting, multi shot, and arcane shot and can confirm Hurricane does not proc off special attacks... It only proc's off normal auto shots....

    Now during the Molten Core run all trash mobs and bosses had curse of shadow and curse of elements on them, the only spellpower I used was a arcane elixir for 20 spell power.... During the Molten Core run Hurricane's frost arrow damage max crits were for 135 damage under these buffs/spellpower.... It is scaling off warlock curses..... however I do believe the Hurricane is not scaling off spellpower...

    I ran multiple 2000 arrow tests farming monsters in the world using only arcane elixir and its 20 spellpower buff.... Hurricane's Frost arrow proc highest crit under these conditions was 90 damage...

    So to sum it up, Hurricane has roughly a 8.6% proc chance on auto attacks only, it does not scale with spell power, However it does scale with warlock curses......

    This puts Hurricane best in slot until High warlord bow can be obtained....

    Haste hunter build, stacking full agility everywhere except for using dual highwarlord spell blades is going to destroy the traditional aimed/multi hunter dps theorycrafting..... my build is the way to do it, and its not even close.... arcane/multi rotation haste build is the top hunter dps spec, and i just can't wait to destroy the hunter community when I obtain high warlord weapons and gear......... Its not even gonna be a competition πŸ™‚

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    Man those are some big crits! 90 max indicates a 2x crit multiplier (seeing as its highest normal proc will hit for 45), still though are you sure Hurricane is better even than other phase 1 weps like Rhok'delar? From my math and using your data, the average dps gain from the proc is still only +0.5 Frost dps.

    Also I'm stoked to hear about your performance in MC so far, I was a bit worried about the Arcane resistances but it sounds like it's not too bad. What kind of average DPS numbers are you pulling in there?

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    @GideonAI you have to remember, its all about keeping up the 30 percent haste buff.... fast bows keep it almost permanently up.... a rhok'delar is way to slow..... a hurricane(with +7 damage scope is a 38dps bow and its actually more dps than that because the insane fast speed really makes it even stronger than that by keeping the 30 percent haste up) with permanent 30 percent haste is stronger than a slow bow....

    You also have to remember its about flinging as many arrows as possible and not using aimed shot...... give me a buffed arcane shot and the 3-5 auto shots over a aimed shot anyday.... (remember my rigly's quiver is 14 haste, 30 haste from talent, and when i pop rapid fire its madness, 2 arrows a second) so under normal haste from quiver and talent (44 percent) i would be losing 3 auto shots and a arcane shot in the timespan it takes to fire one aimed shot..... under max haste i would be losing 5 auto shots (almost 6) and a arcane shot in the time it takes to fire one aimed shot..... long story short, aimed shot sucks, is clunky, and the haste build is way stronger...... once a few more items are obtained it will just grow in strength even more πŸ™‚

    once high warlord spell blades can be obtained its gonna make the gap so large its comical....

    pulling 600 constant dps with full beastalker, baron cape, 2x bone slicing hatchets, rune of guard captain and crit trinket with the hurricane...........

    total damage wise everyone is a few hundred thousand damage behind... including 4 other well played hunters in the same gear doing the traditional aimed/multi rotation...

    20/31 is tearing it up..... broken tooth with 20 percent damage increase and 15 crit is insane.....

    using mongoose elixir and spell power elixir and then have the two warlock curses........ shadow buffs arcane shot, elements buffs frost arrow proc....

    up time of 30 percent haste is somewhere around 80-90 percent πŸ™‚

    its all about speed, and keeping the haste buff up........ 5 second arcane shot/multi rotation...... also remember one slightly buffed arcane shot and 3-5 auto shots is way more damage than one aimed shot πŸ™‚

    Just wait till spellblades are obtained and that slightly buffed arcane shot is gonna become a monster πŸ™‚

    also remember, those 3-5 auto shots you are gaining by not using aimed shot are what is keeping the uptime on the 30 percent haste going πŸ™‚ The haste build feeds on itself, where the clunky old aimed/multi rotation doesn't πŸ™‚

    If I could only get the freaking spellpower flask to drop, 150 spellpower in phase one would push the build into the stratosphere!!!!

    Or to make a long story short, go play a hunter and pop rapid fire.... you literally can feel the power..... that is basically what it feels like all the time with the haste build, you can feel the target melting..... and the numbers back it up πŸ™‚

  • @Azzeus

    Okay I am fully on board now that I comprehend what you're talking about, that is amazing to hear. How much % of your total damage comes from your pet atm, and does he die often or is your micro pretty decent?

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    @GideonAI with pets its easy, spec them full fire resists and full stamina, also spec dash and claw rank 8, you don't want bite, more focus for claw madness..... The only boss its hard to keep him alive is the baron.....

    Its not just a pet, its broken tooth.... Broken Tooth amplifies the haste hunter build.... its all about speed and fast attacks.... Broken tooth does anywhere from 100-150 dps πŸ™‚

    fast bows, arcane/multi rotation, with broken tooth going off with super fast attacks.... The screen is exploding with numbers lol!!!!

    with the 20/31 build every single point of the talent trees buff not only your arcane/multi rotation, but buff your pet dps πŸ™‚

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    @GideonAI lol glad you are on board, believe me yet when I say every single hunter dps guide is flat out wrong!!!

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    Hey guys, can I get a confirm on if arcane shot is affected by "+Spell Crit" effects from items or Intellect stacking? My initial reasoning is no, since it is a 200% crit dmg ability. But then we also know Arcane shot is special because it is affected by "+Spell Dmg". Anyone tested this out?

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    I also did some testing on my lvl16 hunter today. With +16 arcane damage, my arcane shot went from 21dmg -> 26dmg. So it feels like I'm getting a 31% coefficient, which is not lining up with the 43% coefficient being posted around online. Can anyone confirm that?

  • @Yizhong-Wu

    I can't recall immediately whether Arcane Shot benefits from +spellcrit, but I assume you're using Arcane Shot rank 2 which is learned at level 12 (only has a 30% coefficient due to below-level-20 scaling malus), Arcane Shot rank 3 and above all scale at 43%. Rank 1 only scales at 20%.

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    Thanks GideonAI, that explains it. I'm not sure how I can test spell crit effects on arcane shots. But I will try to find a way.

  • @Yizhong-Wu

    It'll probably take a bit of testing with various types of gear, and +spellcrit is mostly found on max-level gear anyway which is why I haven't tested it myself yet.