Solo Hunter Dire Maul Tribute Run Classic

  • Shaman Horde


    In this video I try to cover some the the problems you could run into while clearing a Tribute run.I also cover how to clear the instance to sell buffs. At the end of the video I show the talent build I use to clear a DMT run.

    Youtube Video

    Time Stamps
    4:10 Courtyard key
    6:35 Slip's room
    9:45 1st Reaver pull Slips's room
    11:11 Invisibility run
    12:00 Reaver pull at the top of the ramp
    13:10 Kromcrush's hallway
    16:57 Dogs before King
    20:05 King setup
    22:19 King Pull
    28:38 King Reset
    29:20 King kill pull
    33:15 1st Reaver pack kill
    35:50 2nd Reaver pack kill
    39:08 Bug Pull
    41:10 Talents