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    Hey everybody! In a long line of questionable decisions I've decided to add another and release a video about warrior tanking! One of the major keys to pulling massive DPS as any spec is to have your tanks pull EVEN MORE threat than you. This is not a universally understood concept so I asked for the assistance of my main tank to break it down and give you guys a resource to show your guild.

    Special thanks to Broon!

    Youtube Video

    What you'll find in this video

    • How to spec for Fury/Prot
    • How to gear for Fury/Prot
    • How to Fury and how to Prot

    Video Links

    Fury/Prot Spreadsheet

    About Holderhek

    Holderhek is an Enhance Shaman specialist who fell in love with the class/spec during vanilla WoW. He enjoys making entertaining and informative content for the Classic WoW community.

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    Discord: Holderhek#7777
    WoW: HolderKEK, Fairbanks NA

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