World of botcraft

  • There is alot of hate for bots, but if bots are here to stay. Then what if Blizzard made them a part of the game? Imagine if in Classic+ you could buy bots from your friendly neighbourhood engineering goblin.


    Your very first bot would not be good, some cheap rubish like this.


    The first bot would be very simple. It would have low speed, poor stats and gathering potential.
    Maybe getting your first bot was part of a quest to go to deadmines, or other dungeons for parts.

    There would be more expensive bots to buy. Some bots you could even upgrade, or equip new tech, tools or armor.

    9-60 will catch all the black lotus or arcane crystals you need.

    X-21 will do it faster!

    7:XT will destroy that other bot and take his farm spot.

    74A was upgraded and now run away to a new farm spot if it detect nearby treats.

    Fishbot will fish for you all night long.

    Blizzard would do adjustments to drops to compansate for the bots. To keep them from flooding the auctionhouse with way to cheap items. Guilds would fight to control good farm zones for their bots. Maybe we could even have a large bot war.

    When your using the bot you can't play on your character and the automated part is operated from your client, and it's up to your friends to keep the bot safe if you farm in potentially dangerous spots. If the bot dies it will respawn after a few minutes just like any other npc. To enemy players the bot will show as neutral and will not attack unless harmed, but can be aggressive to other bots. Basically the bot can work as a improved npc that makes the gaming world feel more alive, but takes zero extra server processes.

    If Blizzard like to make smartphone games now. Maybe they could also make a smartphone application for the bot. To display information. In-game chat, bot status, looking for group notifications.

    If it's only added from later phases it would give players some new things to do when thay are only logging in for raid. farming for those tech upgrades for the bot and working on upgrades and finding good farm spots.

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