Survival Melee Weaving leveling build vs Traditional BM build for Hardcore.

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    Opinions and thoughts about going Survival Melee weaving for hardcore. As it stands I have gotten to lvl 25 playing this style and my personal opinion is its actually on par if not more powerful than traditional BM if played correctly. Im sure that at the higher levels it tapers off a bit but, i feel the defensive capabilities of the survival tree are worth the slight dps decrease that may come at the later levels. Also, i feel like i have a lot more control of the battle field with the accessibility of having wing clip up at all times and also being able to feign trap right there.

    Has anyone else tried this spec? If so what are your thoughts.

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    The first 5 Points in Deflection are huge. 5% chance to get no damage and some dps increase with parry haste. I skilled that and then did BM for Endurance Training and Imp. Aspect of the Monkey.
    Can't say more, i died shortly after training a new pet. If your pet dies and you can't remove slow effects, you're shrewd. 😉

    Final spec would have looked like with some spare points for flavor. Marksmanship points would have been the last.

    Thought was to run in Aspect of the Monkey or Aspect of the Cheetah and do some melee weaving, while having a lot of options to avoid damage from the Survival tree.
    Professions were Mining and Engineering for easy obtainable Rifles on a Dwarf.

    15 years ago i was known in my guild for the only hunter using the Survival tree for PvP and PvE, so i thought i would hold on longer than 25 levels ,,, it didn't, that is what makes hardcore fun.
    I changed after 3 more wipes to a human paladin, because that's the class i know most about today (except for Priests). Got straight to 32 and i'm still leveling....

    My Fazit: Take the class you know most about with the zones you know best and it will work out better than any alleged cookie cutter classes. 😉

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    Ah, damn. Started rambling not answering your question.
    Survival was viable 15 years ago, it will be viable now. All hunter back in the day made more dps than me, but i was the man for kiting elite in dungeons and raids while surviving some hits without healing support.

    But i'm biased, i liked the Survival tree back in the days and later on in TBC and played nothing else with a hunter. 😉
    You have more health than any other hunter. You have Deterrence, Counterattack, impr. Wing Clip and impr. Feign Death.
    Get down the mechanics (after 15 years i was more than 'rusted') and it will work. I try it again after my Paladin dies.

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    Sounds like you're going more for mitigation. Im starting taking 3 in monster slaying and 2 humanoid then grabbing savage strikes with is HUGE. The hopping back to bm. I take imp aspect of the hawk over pet stam. Its honestly worthless at low levels. 15% hp isn't a lot. This is better at higher levels when your pet actually starts having a lot of stam and it will scale better. Imp aspect of the hawk will infinite scale. Then I grab thick hide and imp revive. Then bestile swiftness.

    Then back to the survival tree and work my way down to sure-footed and imp feign death. While grabbing counter attack and deterrence.

    Then I'm unsure if I want to go back and grab intimidation or go down marksman to get aimed shot.

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    I mostly wanted Pathfinding for faster running from Beast Mastery. 😉
    The mitigation i took for the one pet one live policy i gave myself. But you are right, it does not much in low level. It accounts for 1 or 2 hits more before your pet dies. Better buff your pet up with scrolls. Next time i take Imp. Hawk.

    I'm still relearning hunter and i get too cocky after a while. The last hunter i wasted in a solo run in Razorfen Kraul. Too much mobs and too much resists on Wing Clip. 😉

    Lowest lvl was in Teldrassil at 10(?). Do you know there is a Satyr that summons 3-4 adds on the edge of north Teldrassil? Now in know. XD

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