<WASTEMEN> |EU-Razorgore| GMT+1 [A] {PvE: 3 + PvP} (Semi-Hardcore)

  • Initiate


    Grinding/Raiding Guild

    We want all classes atm, just trying to get a solid amount of people in to start fully guild raiding together.

    We are a good mix of accepting people stemming from all across europe. Our main goals is to start raiding weekly and be properly geared for any challenge that classic and hopefully TBC throws at us.

    You can expect a friendly atmosphere with fun people to dungeon and BG with, or even just to chat too when ur chilling out for the night. Always fair loot or rewards in every activity we participate in.

    Hit me up on discord or /w Khionee or Surmoy in game to join a growing and increasing environment of a bunch of guys having fun playing wow!

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