Warrior Tank Gear List

  • Druid Alliance

    Here is the most up-to-date warrior tank gear list available. It was generated mathematically as well as with PTR simulations to be able to provide an accurate breakdown of the value of avoidance, mitigation, and threat in a raiding environment. For now the values are based off of a ZG buffed and properly talented warrior tank.

    Warrior Tank Gear List
    You can compare the tankiness of items directly with their threat capability.

    • Tank column tells you how strong an item is from a basic tanking perspective (more health, armor, avoidance).
    • Threat column tells you generally how much more effective at threat production you will be. (this is listed with points equal to AP so the values are twice as big when comparing directly to Tank points)
      • Prot is for protection spec warriors
      • Fury is for fury tank spec warriors. Pure fury is not shown from this column and will have to use this as an approximation.
    • Value column adds Tanks and takes the average of Prot and Fury Threat together and then divides it all by 2 to get a total value of an item. The purpose of this is to try to directly equate the concept that 1 strength and 1 stamina are looked at equally for this system. You can scroll down for each one to see the items sorted by each column.

    There is a tab for set bonuses as well as racials and enchants. You can presume to add the points for the proper racial and the items. So for example if you choose a sword and you are a human, you can add the human racial for swords onto the sword to get the total value of what the sword will add. For another example, you can compare armor pieces and look at set bonuses and see what it will take to break or add a bonus when mixing and matching gear.

    About the Author

    I played vanilla WoW since beta and from early on have enjoyed discovering and writing useful things about the game. In addition to being a founder of ClassicWoW.live, I am in charge of the druid and theorycrafting discord channels.

  • Great work Taladril! This guide save so much time while searching for right items 😃