Compilation of Tank Damage and Threat in Vanilla

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    Hey guys. This document was made a while ago, however it is a very interesting study into how the tank role works in vanilla and gives a decent picture of how the different tier of gear and classes stack up against each other in a raiding environment. Some of it is bound to be slightly inaccurate for Classic but there's a lot of core inormation that is easily still comparable.

    I'm not planning on going deeper into this study personally, however hopefully it will be a good reference for some and maybe a springboard for others to look more deeply into the specifics that they may care about. Also hopefully more discussion can take place below and I can help clarify any confusion there.

    Tank Damage and Threat in Vanilla

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    I played vanilla WoW since beta and from early on have enjoyed discovering and writing useful things about the game. In addition to being a founder of, I am in charge of the druid and theorycrafting discord channels.