A Safari Though Deadwind Pass (Zone Lore, History, Commentary, Exploration!)

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    Greetings ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another zone exploration video..
    in this series we we embark on safaris through Azeroth together exploring some of the most truly inspired zones in Classic World of Warcraft.

    Together we are going to analyze a regions aesthetics learn about its lore its quests and its role in warcraft history. In todays episode we will be journeying through Deadwind Pass.

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    I am an entrepreneur, U.S. Army soldier, and lifelong gamer from NYC and currently living in San Francisco. I stream and make video content on YouTube primarily for WoW Classic. I hope to continue to build my channel and this project and to become a positive influence in the Classic WoW community. I hope that more people can enjoy the same life changing experience I had when I stepped into Azeroth for the first time at age 13.