Recruitment Post Title Guidelines

  • Founder Shaman

    When creating a new thread to promote your guild, please title your threads in this way:

    <Guild Name> |Server| Time Zone [Faction] {PvE: nights per week / PvP)} (Hardcore / Semi-Hardcore / Casual)


    <Ensidia> |EU-Tarren Mill| GMT+1 [H] {PvE: 3 + PvP} (Hardcore)

    <Paragon> |EU-Lightning's Blade| GMT+3 [H] {PvE: 3 + PvP} (Hardcore)

    <Inner Sanctum> |EU-Silvermoon| GMT+1 [A] {PvE: 4} (Semi-Hardcore)

    <Memento Mori> |EU-Frostmane| GMT+2 [A] {PvE: 5-6 + PvP} (Hardcore)

    <Infamous> |EU-Outland| GMT+3 [A] {PvE: 3-4} (Semi-Hardcore)

    Additionally, make sure to tag your post with your guild name, server, faction, PvE and PvP criteria and level of dedication. This way forum users will be able to more accurately and more quickly find your guild.

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