What did private servers get wrong that you’re looking to experience when Classic is released?

  • Private servers have been around for a long time and they've made significant progress in attempting to emulate the original experience and even today you still see active development on various projects across the community.

    However despite many of these improvements which eventually led to the wild success of Nostalrius which proved to be a water shed moment for Classic fans - at the end of the day it's still a emulation of the original game and not a perfect 1:1 snapshot.

    Current and past projects like Nostalrius have come close in some ways in re-creating the original game but have been way off in other areas and the recent Blizzard update touched base on this a little bit (though it mainly revolved around player's memories of the past)

    What is something that you’re looking to re-discover or experience that private servers were never able to get right?

  • Druid Alliance

    I really want to see all the detailed scripting and flavor text from npcs. So much of that is lost to time that we really don't know what's supposed to happen and it will make the game feel much more immersive and polished.

  • Hey bro,

    I'm looking forward to see how talents such as Anger Management or Bestial Swiftness operate on real live servers. Also here are a few things I'm looking forward to testing:

    Mob Respawn Rates, Loot Tables, Pathing, Mob Ability Usage, Paladin Seals, Melee Weaving , Wand Weaving, Class Spirit Values, Jumping, Yellow Melee Attacks on 2 roll system?, Quest Values, Drop Rates, Dungeon Mechanics, Sit Proccing Talents, Proc Rates ( PPM), Group XP Bonuses, Pet Regen Rates, Mob Leashing, Armor Values, Hit, Crit, Weapon Skills 310 vs 315, Stealth Levels, Hit Box Range, Respawn Rates, Shared Quest Rewards, Quest Item Rates, Final Form of Items introduced later, Mob Density, Placement, etc, Pickpocketing, DM + Maraudon, Node Respawns, Mob Aggro Range
    Canceling Spells with Stealth / Shadowmeld, Internal CDS, Debuff Interactions, Macros, Mind vision pushing debuffs off tank, Wands interaction with Quivers with Agility, Right Click Reporting

  • Druid Horde Partner

    I remember lava damage being much higher during vanilla than on pservers

  • Initiate

    Not having to deal with drama and corrupt server admins/GMs and knowing that your character is safe and will last for longer.

  • Initiate

    No BGs at launch, a stoneclaw totem working and made by blizzard (Pservers made a good job on it), AQ event less laggy, original boss mechanics and values...

  • Founder Warrior Horde

    Mage Fire AoE is super bugged, at least on the bropack. Combustion and Master of Elements behave very strangely with Blast Wave and Flamestrike... and the 4th tick of Flamestrike doesn't even occur for some reason. I love messing around with unconventional builds and would like to tinker with a fire-heavy AoE leveling build at some point come Classic (maybe in a duo with a paladin?).

  • Initiate

    This isn’t something private servers necessarily got wrong, but it’s somethig I would love to see... post naxx content. Give me karazhan, hyjal, and anything else they can come up with in original Azeroth with level 60 cap and 1.12 talents (though I’m not against minor talent revamps to accommodate the new content). So much of what I love about WoW was lost in TBC, I would be ecstatic if they rewrote history and gave us this.

  • Druid Alliance

    It would be amazing to get more vanilla content. But I'd be really nervous to see how blizz does it. I don't know if I can trust the current devs to deliver what worked so well back in the day.

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