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  • Greetings! My goal is to level to 60 within the first week alongside a Priest or another Warlock. I will be streaming / playing 18 hours straight then 6 hours off.

    My Launch Week Schedule will be roughly:

    Monday: 9:00am PST - 3:00am PST
    Tuesday: 9:00am PST - 3:00am PST
    Wednesday: 9:00am PST - 3:00am PST
    Thursday: 9:00am PST - 3:00am PST
    Friday: 9:00am PST - 3:00am PST
    Saturday: 9:00am PST - 3:00am PST
    Sunday: 9:00am PST - 3:00am PST

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    I'm telling you.. WARRIOR WARLOCK

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    Bear looking for twink hardcore pst

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    I will be going hardcore undead priest but I'll keep this in mind in case other friends in my group start slacking off.

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    I will be going hardcore undead priest, but I'm EST, I will be taking time off to hit 60. Discord APYE3
    #6203 if your interested in talking about it.

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    Hey Kargoz,

    I'm actually on the fence between UD shadow priest or Orc/UD warlock myself. I'm also looking to go just as hardcore as you until 60 and the hours you posted work for me 100%. Luckily I have my own business where I work from home, so I'm already planning to get a ton of work done prior to launch so I can take a big vacation for Classic. My wife also already knows about my poop sock adventures this summer and since she's a gamer, she totally gets it and is cool with the whole thing (this is why you gotta marry the right one boys!)

    Little about me:

    • I'm 30 and have been playing WoW since Christmas release

    • My mic quality is good and I enjoy having some laughs

    • Vanilla 60 mains were (in order) Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Hunter. I've always played 50/50 alliance/horde (mainly due to playing with friends)

    • I played on about 4 "fresh" servers during classic because I loved the race to 60 and the fresh server vibes were always amazing. Had the pleasure of racing against Joana/Mancow one time, the guy was a leveling machine. Sadly never got any server firsts since I was still in high school at the time.

    • I was the 2nd death knight on my server to hit 80 in WOTLK (was working part-time, so again fell short of server 1st)

    So yeah, that's just a little about me. I'm super excited for Classic because I feel like when it launched back in 2004 I was not in a position in my life at that time to be as nerdy as I wanted to be. This whole "re-launch" of Classic WoW is like a second chance for me to go hard like I couldn't back then. I'm just beyond stoked for this launch and I'm looking to partner up with someone like yourself who wants to nerd this up to the max. It's a once if a lifetime opportunity that honestly I never thought would happen.

    If you're interested my Discord tag is Skazzaks#8841

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    I am a priest taking 2 weeks off for launch and plan to play 16-18 hrs a day on launch. I have been practicing my leveling route for about a month now on Voldemort servers. This is my discord MTV#3882 .

  • I wanted to play mage, but it looks like there will be an overabundance of mages upon launch, so I'm going to rule that one out for now. I'm torn between warlock and priest, but leaning more towards priest. I will be taking some time off when Classic launches, but I'd like to get my wife on board, so I might already have a leveling buddy. She's a total noob though, so that might have to wait until after launch. You can mark me down as a potential buddy, or a warlock/priest/warlock trio if you want to do that and don't mind playing with her. It will be fun seeing someone completely new to WoW react to Classic, but it's not gonna be the well-oiled machine you might be looking for. I'm not gonna talk myself up and mislead you to believe I'm better at leveling than I really am. I'm a strong leveler, but if you're looking for a Joana to speedlevel with in under 5 days, I'm sure there will be others here more qualified than I am. I used to know all quests like the back of my hand, and I'm practicing to refresh my memory. However, I'm more interested in having fun and melting the faces of anyone who tries to gank me than I am in getting server first. I will rely on minimizing downtime to stay ahead of the pack. If crazy situations slowing you down sounds more entertaining than frustrating, let me know. Either way, good luck and have fun!

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