Does your class choice change with the knowledge that Honor and BGs won't be at launch?

  • Druid Horde Partner

    For those of us who are so undecided about what class to play and flip flop weekly - does your class choice change because of the PvP landscape being different at launch?

    For example, if you wanted to be that godly High Warlord warrior - do you now level like a hunter or mage first to pump gold into your second character which will now be that warrior?

    Knowing that dishonorable kills won't be in for a few months, do you pick a class that you want to terrorize the townsfolk with? Do you pick a class that isn't as reliant on the PvP reward gear?

  • Founder Horde

    It makes me consider leaning away from playing a warrior.. I won't be very good in those tarren mill battles to start. Especially with no battlegrounds if I don't have a solid group to roam around with a class that excels in solo PVP or gold farming might be best.

    You raise good points.

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