Best World PvP battle spots

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    We all know the famous world PvP battle spots where conflict always occurs: Tarren Mill - Southshore, Blackrock Mountain, Nesingwary's Camp. What are some other great 'open-world battlegrounds' to start some PvP conflict, because of geography, graveyard locations, etc? These could be places to start some server-wide events in the future...

    Here's some suggestions:

    Circle of Inner Binding in Arathi - partly open, but with pillars, pretty good structure for a small skirmish. It's in a small valley surrounded by mountains on one side and small cliffsides on the other 3, so it's a nice limited arena.

    Ravenholdt Manor - great empty estate without many distractions. Maybe hold a rogue hide-and-seek type event here.

    EPL trenches - like the one near Light's Hope Chapel, somewhere that's tough to run from battle but plenty of LOS opportunities, and it's close to town and graveyards. High level mobs may get in the way, though.

    And more...

    The Altar of Zul

    Bluegill Marsh in Wetlands

    Dun Algaz

    Lakeshire Bridge

    Outside Sunken Temple


  • I like to camp in the hills of northwest Ashenvale around the path from Darkshore because it's a nice vantage point on the road and a lot of night elves do an escort quest through here but they won't see you from your vantage point.

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    Dude, definitely XR and definitely Lakeshire. I will be there meni days and slay meni lowbies.

  • Founder Horde

    As alliance around level 25 I found the best spot to gank horde was in the farms and mines to the west of southshore. I think this is/was a huge horde questing hub.

  • Founder Shaman Horde

    The gold farming spot outside of Kargath in the Badlands always is good for PvP. Most of time time its gold seller vs gold seller but, a lot of the time, this will spawn other smaller skirmishes from other players!

  • Everyone always forgets to mention Felwood! So many people farming fire and water elements there and also people farming felcloth in Jadefire Run. I always get into mini battles up there with some horde buddies. Also a great place for druids to farm honor between bg queues as you can just teleport to moonglade!

  • Warlock Rogue

    Elementals south of Kargath (Badlands)
    Dragons in Lethlor Ravine (Badlands)
    Pass between Hillsbrad and Hinterlands by Aerie Peak
    Pass between Hinterlands and Western Plaguelands by Caer Darrow

    All were amazing fun back in the day.

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    My favorite world pvp spots are right outside of opposing factions' major cities.

  • Warrior Alliance Partner

    Felwood battles over tuber spawns!

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