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  • Druid Alliance

    Greetings, weary traveler. Welcome to! is a collaborative online community that seeks to connect players both inside and outside the game through quality content, tools, events and more. Here in the forums we gather around the fire and discuss anything from PvP and duo leveling to money-making and role-playing… we want there to be a place for every kind of classic fan to find a community and engage with the game we all love.
    So hang up your cloak, grab a Rumsey Rum Black Label, and introduce yourself!
    Sample questions:
    What class do you plan to main in Classic?
    What is your experience with the game?
    Which zone is Azeroth would be best to retire in, and why is it the Hinterlands?

  • Druid Alliance

    I'm going to be druid main (shocker shocker) and hopefully will be able to get close to bis just like everyone wants to. This time I might go rp for the first time ever. Seems like that could be fun.

  • Initiate

    Trusian here my plans are playing priest to level with my friends as they are going mage/rogue. Hopefully do a bit of world pvp and endgame.

  • Initiate

    Hi everyone I am Aerabax & will be a Druid in Classic. This will be my first experience in WoW! I'm excited to explore the world and progress the endgame with my guild. I am a DAoC veteran and excited to see how World PvP stands up to RvR.

  • Founder Shaman

    Hey, guys! I'm Egregious and I'm going to be leading a Horde progression guild on a TBD server with Navak, Kargoz, Defcamp & Melderon. Additionally, Navak and I are crafting a bunch of cool tools for the community, chiefly a modular Horde and Alliance leveling guide and revamped nDKP system we intend to premier as neDKP. Hope to see you guys in game and on the battlefield!

  • Druid Horde Partner

    Phayge here, even though I have a warlock as my avatar, I'm still very undecided on my main for Classic. I have experience at max level in vanilla with rogue, paladin, and priest, and in TBC with warlock, warrior, and paladin. But I'm leaning to change it up with druid...
    I'm a data nerd so I want to theorycraft when Classic comes out and make some cool content to explore some unexplored questions
    I want to explore a lot of non-raid content in Classic like dungeon challenges and world PvP events

    Best zone to retire in for me would be Un'Goro - a little dangerous but I want the adventure... With frequent visits to Winterspring and Feralas

  • Initiate

    Hi Guys , Been playing wow since last end of Vanilla going into BC, I love the game and My son also played along side me. I have leveled every toon in the game multiple times, also some of my sons toons when he was at school.
    I live in Australia and therefore wont be playing with NA or EU servers because of the time difference.
    My main in Classic is a toss up between Horde Mage and Warlock, leaning to Warlock, I played it most during BC and on wards, my most achieved toon . so I do enjoy the play of warlock.
    Looking forward to raiding the most i like the social aspect and being in a fun team.
    I am older than most in the game i guess but the Kid in me like to have fun and i dont feel my age at all.
    My Son is now 27 and I am 58 , we are the best of friend and we still play wow together.
    Hope you all enjoy this version of the game for years to come and Blizzard makes the game better.
    Thanks to Kargoz for his passion and contribution to this content all over you tube and streaming so far , its been top notch and informative.(straw poll King)
    Good Luck All (FOR THE HORDE)

  • Initiate

    I leveled Warlock to 60 in vanilla (TBC,WOTLK,MOP), and am looking forward to doing it again. This time I have a better idea the kinds of goals I want to accomplish. I'm rolling an Undead Horde Warlock on a PVP server. I want to get better at PVP skills for world PVP, but I want to focus on PVE content mainly. I played the Classic demo and the sense of community was back instantly. If you have any Warlock questions I will do my best to help!

  • Hi all, my names Tim and I will be playing on EU. Mained Mage in classic on Emerald Dream EU and will most likely be going mage again. With my only goal to PvP as my life is work, with any luck I will get near rank 14 but probably not! Been playing on those naughty servers for the past few years so very hyped for this. Looking forward to a true community too.

  • Sawyer, fury warrior, NA-PVP. Raiding primary. Might rank depending on the brackets and how much free time I have.

  • Hey everyone. As an EU player, I'm going to be on a pvp server and my character will be a majestic Tauren Shaman, still undecided on the endgame but will definitely play some ele pvp and restro in raids. Hope to see some of you in Azeroth be it friend or foe.

    1. Resto Druid - will never level again without stealth nor stare at feet and face in raid
    2. Prot Warrior through all Vanilla - tanked through Nefarian
    3. AV - O sorry, because The Hinterlands is the Heart of Azeroth

  • Initiate

    Hey All,
    My name is Brayden and I'm a US player.
    I am struggling to choose between a Shaman or Druid main for classic.
    I started playing during vanilla, then I left at the beginning of Cata. I came back at the end of legion.
    I am a Darnassus guy myself.

  • Paladin Alliance

    Hey I'm Foehammer, a Dutch player.
    Probably going Paladin (again) but will be playing multiple characters.
    I've played since vanilla with some hiatuses (hiati?) I would retire in one of the better houses in the upper tiers of ironforge, the city I've vowed to defend. With my gnome handmaidens.

  • Alliance

    Hey fellas, I'm Jenson and I've been playing classic since Christmas 2004. I'm usually a rogue main, but I really enjoy leveling alts.

    But seriously guys, the Hinterlands? Imagine waking up in a bedroom carved from the side of a mountain, the sunlight trickling through the pines and into your stone abode. The impatient squawks you hear in the distance mean the restless gryphons have yet to take their first flight of the day. Imagine the tranquility of strolling through the lush undergrowth only to be immediately captured and devoured by cannibalistic trolls. Ah, the serenity.

  • Initiate

    Hey! I'm Luiz, a Brazilian player.
    I really prefer the journey than the end game and will level slowly, reading all the quests and enjoying it!
    Another people from Brazil out there?

    PS: always warrior!

  • Initiate

    Hey everyone, I'm Rafael Nepô.
    I play a Night Elf Hunter called Sashimii and a Druid called Hitendra.

    I've been playing Blizzard Games and WoW since forever. Never went Hardcore into anything, but was always very completionist. So i completed pretty much all the quests in the game, explored a lot of places and had a lot of fun along the way.

    I like leveling in the Green Zones and Feralas is one of my favorite places.
    Going to play on a PVE Server because it's more chill and relaxed.

    I'm one of those that leaves Teldrassil at level 15 with all professions on Journeyman and 8 slot bags full of crafted leatherworking gear. Hahahaha

    I like to explore the zone completely, run from quest to quest even if it won't give me exp and fish and skin along the day. You're probably going to find me in Un'Goro competing for those Devilsaur Skins. 😉

    @Luiz I'm also from Brazil. 🙂

  • Initiate

    Really bad that you are going Alliance on PVE server (I am going Horde on PVP server). If it wasn't for that I would say that we could make a brazilian casual guild.

  • Hello, I'm Minorou! I plan on maining a female dwarf paladin, because I want to prove that non-priest female dwarves actually exist. I think they're underrated!

    I've been a fan of the Warcraft series ever since Warcraft 2 released, and played WoW since the open beta. I played roughly an equal amount of Alliance and Horde throughout the expansions. Most of my vanilla time was spent with the the top PvP guild of my server that I helped found. We eventually burned out on the PvP grind after pumping out tons of High Warlords, and converted into a raiding guild. It was pretty late into vanilla by then, so we didn't get too far. I look forward to focusing more on raiding this time around, this time with my brother at my side as my tank.

    The best zone to retire in would be GM Island. If that's too cheeky of an answer, then Loch Modan! That place is cozy, scenic, and relatively peaceful.

  • Initiate

    Hello Classic community family!

    I'm a swedish male, 40 years Young that played WoW since the Beta days. As a man with fiance and family I won't be able to "no-life" Classic but I consider myself being a serious casual. Cause when I do play I do what's needed, with a smile. Was 25 in Vanilla. Since I am from EU we did not get the game until 2005. Got 7-8 mmo's under my belt but both my feet on the ground. Never was much for the elitist part so I do the opposit, share my knowledge and also learn from others.
    I used to lead some AB premades back in the day before my work more or less took over as I have always taken my IRL seriously.
    Stopped playing in early Legion 2016 and didn't play since and did not play on a single private server, you think my hype is real?

    I am more biased to Horde but honestly did my time on Alliance as well. If someone from the ClassicWoWguild discord server might see my name let me tell all of you that I have not 100% yet decided. I got good contacs on both sides. Will most likely main a Mage on a (RP) PvP server.
    Zone I want to retire in is Feralas. Having my own nice little nature island, not too far away from the inland.

    Lastly let me thank you so much for putting together a very well made and amazing website!
    EDIT: Typo and grammar.

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