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  • Shaman Horde

    Hey Everyone! Tyler or Overlordxii here! I am excited to be a part of Raid 1 for Invicta. I played a lot during classic, though I was only a snot nose brat back then. I am stoked to get back into it with my adult brain, which should (hopefully) make me better! lol I am a Web Designer and SEO Strategist in RL and happy to be in the awesome community!

  • Druid Horde


    "having the power of life and death over them is an added bonus"

    You know I used to feel bad if I didn't pull out all the stops when someone was doing something stupid and taking avoidable damage. So glad I got over that. Your comment made me laugh a bit.


  • Paladin Alliance Partner

    Hey everyone! I'm Alex/Bhelockharyh from Canada, and I've been playing WoW since 2009. I can't wait to experience Classic WoW as my experience on private servers has been fantastic so far. I am making content for YouTube and this awsome community platform, and I plan on releasing content from niche Paladin videos to more lighthearted ones. As a big WoW fan, I can't wait to play with all of you and to share our expertise and passion for this game, whether you play Horde or Alliance!

    I am going to roll a Dwarf Paladin on a US PvP server and I will mostly be playing a Holy/Prot build for PvE and PvP content, that will allow me to tank and heal when needed (my famous 3in1 build). I will also be grabbing Alchemy and Herbalism to craft potions for myself and my leveling partner(s). I plan on trying the duo leveling comp of Paladin/Warlock so if you plan to play a Gnome Warlock definitely let me know, I would be pleased to talk to you (and even if you're not planing to play exactly that, the more the merrier!)

    Stay blessed!

  • Shaman

    I'm Jhaman. I started in Burning Crusade and never got to experience Classic. I'm super excited to play a shaman in Classic and play as Enhance. I cant wait for late night Strat runs cause I need something to do!

  • Initiate

    Sup nerds! I was a FPS shooter player who mocked D&D, Optima, and Everquest. Came to WoW because it got lonely in Unreal Tournament with all my targets living in Azeroth. You can imagine just how noobish I was. Eventually started figuring it all out, and hit my stride when BG's came out, was part of a HWL leveling group, but capped at rank 11 due to a really toxic home environment. BC was a poor experience for me, enjoyed Wrath, but could see the writing on the wall, and quit very early in Cata. Looking forward to leveling a Priest (Azaezil) but will roll Mage (Eycbaux) and Shammie (Tannji) as alts immediately. Always played PVE, but leveled a Mage to the 50's on Northdale, and hope to go PVP this time, depending on whether I hook up with a good group prior to launch. Regardless, love this community and hanging with Def while he distracts himself on-stream. See you all in game at some point!

  • Druid Horde

    @Jhaman Same for me, I started in BC and as a result never ran any of the original raids. I had a hard time choosing between Shaman and Druid. Looks like Shaman will be my Alt this go around.


  • Shaman

    @MooMoo I'm going deep with Shaman. Thunking about making an alt so I dont have to respec. XD

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  • Good day to y´all - Fiskeryk here. Im a priest player, herbalist, cook and enchanter. Going to roll on my first RP server.

    Cant wait to get startet!

  • Warlock Shaman Horde

    @John-Rambo RP....or RP-PVP? 😉

  • @Boom762 RP-PVP

  • Warlock Shaman Horde

    @John-Rambo If you plan on playing launch day, we'd love to have you in our 5 man. We're looking to be a warrior, hunter, and two warlocks. We have a plan to get ahead of the crowd. Hit us up on Discord if you are interested.

  • @Boom762 What a kind offer! Thanks. I wish you wind and fast feets on your journey.

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