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  • @Boom762 What a kind offer! Thanks. I wish you wind and fast feets on your journey.

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    Hey everyone, Im Oxy. Enhance Sham, Bear Tank, super huntard. I play on mankrick and just like to have fun and stuff, just found this site from Kuzco and i have no IDEA what else to put in here lol I stream too

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    Why Hello ladies/gents
    MrGramps here and will live die repeat once only when i'm level 60 (Preying/Praying )
    Orc Hunter / Undead Lock not sure which to pick yet but favouring the Lock at the moment..... Awesome community BTW and loving Hardcore

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    I've actually be on this site reading for a while and watching guides but my friend and I want to take an actual try at Hardcore duo run and we think we have figured out how to record our run.

    My main is has been a warrior and I didn't really have any long runs in the game until Classic but I finally got a dude to 60.

    Good luck to us.

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    I am Dad. Your Pops. The man you come to when you need things done.
    I play this game called World of Warcraft & have been introduced to this corner of the internet where your path is paved by the stroke of your hand. Hardcore. A simpler idea on paper than it is to execute properly. I'm interested in forming ranks with you fellow travelers. I will see you on Azeroth my friends. I will start my adventure as the sun sets tomorrow. I wish you luck fellow Warriors.
    I have been here & there. My experience different every lifetime. This will be the most defining moment in my existence. Farewell.

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