Spelladin raid DPS [Pre-BIS] and [P3 BIS] -- NEW META?

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    This is a video showing off the potential of the Spelladin in Prebis.

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    And here is a shorter video showing off the potential of Spelladin in Phase 3 BIS.

    Youtube Video

    This is work in progress - We don't know how Classic will work 100%. But at the moment, it looks like a spellhybrid setup will be better for phase 1 & 2.
    Please take this guide with a grain of salt, as it was made when having only pserver data available. Will try to update the guide ASAP, but might not be able to make it before launch. Please join the discord if you need information.
    This spec is about speed, not procs. Even if procs don't work in our favour, it will still do considerable damage over AP ret.
    This is not a comprehensive (though it will be at some point-) guide of how to play spelladin, and is mostly to give you an idea of the potential of pre-bis spelladin.
    I will make more videos in the future.

    Why Spelladin?

    1. Gear competition - That T2 gear that every pally wants for PVP or RP, isn't good for holy PVE. But it is BIS (likely forever) for Spelladins. That's 8 pieces of items that is Spelladin prio, which won't be replaced in ZG, AQ, NAXX. That's a lot of gear for warriors, casters, etc., that otherwise was wanted by the AP ret.

    2. Actually viable DPS most likely (none of us know how Classic will be tuned in the end).

    3. Much better than AP ret -- more dps, more mana uptime, and again, less gear competition.

    4. Hybrid possibilities - You can cleanse mid swing. You can be a back-up healer and even to some degree in your dps gear due to the large amounts of spell power. You can choose talents that gives you 100% mana return on crit, for only 2.5% decrease in DPS. You get an extra pally buff, DI, less downtime due to being a resser etc.

    5. In terms of dps to nightfall uptime ratio, paladin wins.

    In Tips Outs' parse ranking video, 4 weeks into MC, the average dps is this:
    477.1 warriors, 429 rogue, 361.3 hunters, 359.6 mage, 264.7 locks
    I don't know if this is boss only dps, or boss+trash or entire raid.
    Because of lack of information I can't really conclude anything, 
    but none the less its interesting to wonder where we could be


    PreBIS: Spelladin Phase1 PREBIS

    Head: Spellpower Goggles Xtreme Plus - Engineering
    Neck: Mark of Fordring - Quest
    Shoulders: Lead Surveyor's Mantle - Fineous Darkvire in BRD
    Back: Spritecaster Cape - Houndmaster Grebmar in BRD
    Chest: Plate of the Shaman King - Highlord Omokk in LBRS
    Wrist: Battleborn Armbraces - Warchief Rend Blackhand in UBRS
    Hands: Hands of Power - Quartermaster Zigris in LBRS
    Waist: Brigam Girdle - General Drakkisath in UBRS
    Legs: Skyshroud Leggings - Highlord Omokk in LBRS
    Feet: Omnicast Boots - Golem Lord Argelmach in BRD
    Finger 1: Songstone of Ironforge - Quest
    Finger 2: Maiden's Circle - Auction House
    Trinket 1: Briarwood Reed - Jed Runewatcher in UBRS
    Trinket 2: Hand of Justice - Emperor Dagran Thaurissan in BRD

    If Barrage Girdle, Crimson Felt Hat and Burial Shawl are available, those are pre-bis.
    You could use Lionheart Helm until you get Judgement Crown.


    In general (but it's contextual),
    these are the best weapons; "worst to best":
    Destiny/Flurry Axe - Blade of Hanna - Ironfoe <<<<< MCP.
    If you use Flask then Flurry Axe will be better than Hanna - if so, then use Spirit of Aquementas or better.

    Later if you can get them, these weapons will perform better, but remember you'll be using MCP on the majority of boss fights:
    Ashbringer - Hungering Cold - Thunderfury <<<<< MCP.


    Spec used in the video: https://classicdb.ch/?talent#sxVzZVhZEb0trcqo (not really optimal)

    Note that there are variations of this spec, and you can even get 5 illumination completely disregarding Precision with only 2.5% loss of dps. You can choose repentance, you can choose Divine Favor. You can take Improved Might -- someone else can -- etc.

    Pure DPS: https://classicdb.ch/?talent#sxVzZVhZEf0xMcqo
    Pure DPS
    Hybrid: https://classicdb.ch/?talent#svVz0xoZZvf0xMcq
    I'll probably go with https://classicdb.ch/?talent#sxvz0xZZvf0xMcqo my self, but I haven't decided yet.
    MySpec Hybrid


    Spell power on weapon and shoulders
    Haste on helm, legs and hands
    All stats on chest
    Strength on bracers
    Agility on boots (or speed) and cloak (or resist)

    Consumes list

    Some of the items are pure contextual, like f.ex. if you don't use shadow oil, shadow power wont do much for you. Also some of the consumes cannot be used together.
    There are also mana regen items like Nightfin Soup and Mageblood Potion that isn't strictly DPS, but will give you more uptime of course.

    Ordered from best to worst in terms of general pure dps:





    In general, for every boss you should aim to have:

    1. 1x MCP with Shadow Oil and Counterweight
    2. 1x Major Mana Potion + 1x Dark Rune
    3. 0-1x Goblin Sapper Charge + 1-2x Crystal Charge
    4. At least Best-tier consumes, except flask.
      (4.1.) Great-tier consumes are awesome for packs of mobs. If you don't have too many, only use them on 3+ mobs at the time. But they are great for bosses as well.
      (4.2.) Good-tier consumes are really nice to have as well.
      (4.3.) Okay-tier consumes are sorta meh, but it will boost you ofc. Depending on how many consumes you need it comes down to how long your raids are and how much gold you have.

    Side-note: In terms of the auras; leader of the pack, trueshot aura, moonkin aura. If you have a choice, go with trueshot aura, then leader of the pack, then moonkin aura.

    And if you have any mana problems, you could refer to this - might help you out:

    Big thanks to the non 'holy paladin' community as a whole, in particular Theloras and in especially Despotus for making the final sheet of all sheets!
    I also want to thank Drakova for inspiring a lot of us.

    Join us on Discord if you are thinking about becoming a Spelladin!

    Feel free to correct me if you think I've made a mistake or have a suggestion.

  • Warrior Horde Moderator

    Even though I don't play the filthy blue faction this guide is pretty sick lol. Surprised at the DPS you get on Luci honestly.

  • Initiate

    Excellent guide. An interesting take on the class for sure. Not sure how many we will see running around but I look forward to seeing it in game.

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    This is interesting, but what about hit%? I only see 2% of hit gear on the armor set. Is the other 6% coming from the Precision talent/ Human race Mace Specialization?

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    This post is deleted!

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    @Sabrielnix Hit% is overrated for the spelladin. So there is a little bit on the gear due to lack of better spelldmg alternatives, and then some from human race and talents. But if you skip the 8 points into prot, you only lose 2.5% dmg, which isn't a huge sacrifice to get the important holy talents for healing. In case you want to go more hybrid.

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    How good would this neckless be for the spelladin?

    https://itemization.info/item/17111 (Blazefury Medallion) from Kazzak.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for this guide.

    I wonder why https://classic.wowhead.com/item=1263/brain-hacker isn't mentionned as alternative of MCP ? Isn't better then destiny, considering that's faster, deal more damage over time ? Moreover, it has a proc, let's say "mokay" tier, but with the mechanics of SoR and procs, it's better than expected no ? And, procs of destiny can't stacks if I'm right, so in a long fight, you'll probably loose some benefits (according that you manage to have 100 % uptime on destiny)
    Or Brain Hacker, even for this spec, is rubbish ?

    (I'm wondering using it for an other spec, much more shockadin, but with SoR instead of SoC, using 1H and shield mainly, and a fast 2h weapon with a proc (Brain Hacker) with fiery enchant for dealing some damage when shield isn't mandatory. Just for fun in pvp. I assumed that this weapon isn't that bad, but nobody ever mention it... 😢 )

    ps: I'm not English, so sorry for my poor language.