EU | Warrior seeking Priest | Alliance | PvP | GMT | Semi-Hardcore

  • Hey guys,

    I'm from the UK and I plan to level an Alliance Human Warrior on a PVP server. I'm 28, played WoW mostly through Vanilla/TBC/Wrath and then casually on and off after WOTLK. I'm ultra motivated and I've researched my class, professions & questing options.

    My play schedule is going to be:

    24 hours launch day - Aiming to be level 30 by day 1.
    8 hours each day from then onto level 60. 19:00-02:00 GMT

    I work until 17:30 GMT and get home around 19:00 GMT so I aim to play from 19:00-02:00 GMT.

    I'm looking for primarily a Priest to level with but open to other options but just be friendly, motivated and ready to kick ass.

    Reply to the thread if interested.


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