NA | Mage seeking Shaman | Horde | PvP | EST | Hardestcore

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  • Holtzy is the man he will make a great leveling partner!

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    I am going horde Shaman... can't make up mind between Orc or Tauren.... either way I will also be "no lifeing it" for the first 48 hours. I survive on green tea and granola bars/trail mix. Energy drinks and shit food will make me crash.... I am 32 yr old and no bullshit... I will be following Joana's leveling guide and am looking for a druid support. I will be doing dungeons to get upgrades but other then that 90%+ questing. I have an overkill gaming setup and will be streaming it as well on twitch. I have greenscreen, ATR Audio technica microphone, blue switch keyboard, mmo gaming mouse, logitech g430 headset.... long story short... I DON'T FUCK AROUND.... EVERYTHING I DO IS 200%!!! If this seriously interests you feel free to reply and we shall exchange discords... talk a little... get everything set up and ready to go for launch date. FOR THE HORDE!!!!

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