Looking for a guild that's going to pick all new players, so we can all have that first time experience.

  • Initiate

    Hi all,

    I was looking for a guild that wants to ONLY bring in people who never experienced vanilla WOW.
    It will be my sons and I first time playing threw vanilla.
    It would be great experience playing with people who are not hardcore, with people who are also running all the content for the first time.

    I think the experience would make it more interesting if the whole guild was new to vanilla, and got to learn every thing from scratch.

    Please let me know if your aware of a guild like this, that's going to be created.

    Thank you.

  • I like this idea. Hope you get the members filled soon enough. Would be interesting to get sitreps after launch.

  • Hunter Shaman Warrior Horde

    That's actually very interesting. Might be something I'd like to take part in. As long as its casual and not rushing to 60

  • Druid Horde

    This sounds amazing, I started playing in BC but have not experience when it comes to Vanilla, well outside of the second coming of Naxxaramas during WOTLK.

  • Initiate

    Hey I'm looking for the exact same-thing and i think you should take the initiative and start the guild because I'm definitely interested.

  • Initiate

    Sounds like a cool idea. I bet a good number of people would join a guild like this. Plenty of players started in TBC or Wrath and haven't done any of the Classic content.

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