NA | Alliance Druid LF Night Elf Rogue | PvP | PST | Hardcore

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    I'm planning on leveling on Esfand's streamer server so it'll probably be a mess at launch. If any rogues out there want to level up on an alliance-dominated server that won't die out, I think we can get ahead of the pack with a bear + ambush spec. I'll be going pretty hardcore, around 18+ hours a day until 60.

  • Druid Rogue is insanely fun my man good choice and good luck in your search! ❤

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    Let’s chat. I wanted to do Esfands realm or kargozs realm. I’m obviously a rogue night elf and will do ambush/back stab spec if I do have a partner rather then doing sword spec for leveling. We can talk discord if that works for you. I also have grind spots that are good for fresh launch in a lot of zones. I also am on lights hope if we want to practice 1-30 and stuff

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    im down. my discord 007#1267

    i was thinking of going Rogue or Druid or Hunter

    we can practice on Northdale just hit me up

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