<Dark Portal>[A]- EU-RPPvP Zandalar Tribe (PvE 2 days semi-hardcore)

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    <Dark Portal> is a multinational (English as main language) PvE guild that is located on EU-RPPvP Zandalar Tribe realm, alliance side.

    βš’ : About us:

    • Small core is from 2009 ru Project-60 guild <Classic> on EU-Eversong
    • Now we're back & recruiting to play Classic together in a guild that we can call home.
    • Not speed-leveling or rushing anywhere, our goal is to make new friends and enjoy it 'like first time' despite some of us having a lot of WoW experience.
    • Planned semi-hardcore raiding & steady progression through all Classic content when we'll have enough 60's.

    πŸ† Leadership:

    • Guild is leaded by an experienced player who raided semi-hardcore & hardcore almost every content from Vanilla to 7.2 including multiple realm-firsts, 8 Cutting Edges & participation in RU 2nd\World top20 guild.

    βš– What do we expect of our players?

    • Community as β„–1 goal.
    • English. We're multinational guild, so everyone will use English wherever possible but few people might speak Russian sometimes outside of raid.
    • Good attitude. No toxic social environment. Public behavior that is bad for guild reputation won't be tolerated.
    • Having fun is required too! πŸ™‚

    🐲 Raiding:

    • Raid attendance. We don't want to keep many players benched. High attendance for raiders is important.
    • Dedication. Be prepared for raids. No extreme consumable requirements though unless we'll hit brick-wall boss.
    • Raiding experience of any hard content is a major advantage.
    • We are currently planning to start raiding a month after release (Wed+Sun 18:00-22:00 UTC), 3rd day might be added later if needed\enough interest.
    • Loot via DKP with priorities, with tier\legendaries\quests etc. handled through loot council to maximize raid power.
      We are looking for you! Apply now here.

    Discord: Lightman#4037 - preferred
    Battle.net: Lightman#2319
    Feel free to ask any questions.

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    Got about 25 members for now. Still looking for everyone who wants to play Classic at our pace πŸ™‚

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    Our needs per class (this applies to those who want to raid only ofc):
    Rogue - High
    Mage - High
    Heal Paladin - Medium
    Warlock - Medium
    Druid - Medium
    Warrior - Tank - Low, DD - High
    Heal Priest - High, Shadow - Low
    Hunter - Medium
    We may consider all class\specs if you have good experience or something to interest us.

    For social spots looking for everyone who just wants good community to play with. You may have easier time getting into raids later tooю

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    Decided with raid days (Wed+Sun 18-22 UTC), need few more good raiders. Socials always welcome

  • Initiate

    Almost fully decked and ready to go, would like to see few more rogues and hunters, as well as 1 resto druid, 1 bear and 1 mage.

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    Up. Reserved names on all 3 realms, still deciding.

  • Initiate

    Made a decision to call EU-RPPvP Zandalar Tribe our new home.

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    10\10 MC and 1\1 Onyxia down in cross-guild raid. Planning to start guild-only raids in a week.

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    2 raids running for a long time, preparing for BWL
    As always looking for players that can press their frostbolt fast enough for good logs, rebuff faster than slowpoke, and move without being fat as maraudon princess

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