<Midnighters> |TBD| [Horde] {PvE: 2 nights per week / PvP)} ( Semi-Hardcore )

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    <Midnighters> is looking for players to come own with us.

    We are a late night progression raiding guild. Our leadership has extensive competitive raiding experience in Vanilla all they way to present. We are an adult based guild as well -- if you can't hang with a bunch of mid-20s to 30s folk who swear, drink, and have a blast... look elsewhere.

    We raid from 9:30 p.m. PST until 12:00 am PST Wednesday and Thursday. Possibly will add Tuesday as the 3rd day or even Friday if enough people want it. But only will be 3 days if we feel a 3rd is wanted by the majority and necessary for the guild. While we may not raid a lot during the week, we plan on being efficient and ready to go when we do. You are expected to come prepared (this means food buffs, flasks, etc). Our goals are to push content, create a community, and have a blast while doing it.

    We intend to start raiding by the second or third month after release. There will be “pre-raid” raids where we look at our raiding core and split it into Dungeon groups to help with gearing and for raiders to build a relationship in-game with each other.

    We need commitment. 80%+ attendance for raiding is required. Many of us have busy lives and have to make time to play together on our two nights a week and without reliability it all falls apart. We get things done and have been playing this game forever -- we're looking for long term commitment.

    Contact Funnyman (Discord: Funnyman#4802) Or, you can head to our website and apply! Visit https://www.guilded.gg/Midnighters for more information. If you can't reach myself hit up Veepy#5623

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    No link for website.

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