What other topics do you want the Classic WoW Dev team to address before launch?

  • Founder Priest Horde

    Some topics I would like to see some more blue posts on would be;

    1. Server Size and How many of them

    2. No Right Click Reporting

    3. No WoW tokens

    4. No In-game shop

    5. No cross faction communication

    6. Time frame of each phase (longevity of classic)

    7. Addressing demo animations that were not from Vanilla (Wanding)

    8. Battleground Releases

    9. Itemization at launch (will Tier sets and items change with patches)

    10. No multiple faction characters on PVP Servers

    11. What other effects will the 7.3.5 core have on classic (raid frames, Mailbox, etc.)

    12. Sharding (is it really necessary?)

    13. Beta?

    Some of these topics have been brought up here and there but i feel we still need much more clarity on many of these topics. Also I know there is much more that needs to be addressed and would encourage you to please reply with what topics you think are important and why!

  • Druid Horde Partner

    1. Anti-exploitation measures (preventing queue-dodging, etc)

    2. Confirm or deny beta datamining findings, such as armor values

    3. Cross-realm battlegrounds

  • Coming from a pure PvP perspective I'd want more information about queuing for BG's. Hopefully it will be what it was like and none of this private server bull of queuing anywhere in the world.

  • Druid Alliance

    I need to see discussion on world buffs! These make or break the game. It seems so easy to keep them but they mess up so much of the progression challenge especially for later raids and makes for bad social interaction since you have to do the logoff game to keep your buffs on you.

  • Initiate

    Maybe a release date?

  • Druid Alliance

    @Trusian Starry eyed optimist in the house!

  • Initiate

    @Taladril inb4 "Hey the release date is today!"

  • I'd like to know their plans on gold farming methods such as Dire Maul. It's a touchy subject: of course, not doing anything about them is no changes. However... during the course of vanilla, Blizzard always, always nerfed lucrative instance gold farming methods. That's why Scarlet Monastery used to be fantastic for gold farming, but isn't anymore. That's why we have the 5-instances-per-hour rule. It can be argued that not nerfing DM is less authentic to vanilla than if they leave it alone. They have precedent.

    So, yeah. Both options are like vanilla. It's just which option will they take? We have this odd situation where we have a decade plus of private server theorycrafting and practice against a game that, in the name of "no changes" cannot adjust and abide by its own core values.

    I think they won't do anything; their mention of the phrase, "1.12 data is sacrosanct" aligns with that. However, people's choices of player classes depend on this sort of thing. If people roll mage and hunter banking on a lucrative DM farm, and they end up nerfing it...

  • On a less serious note, I'd like to know if Azeroth can have both of its moons back in vanilla. We had them at release, but the blue one disappeared from the skybox in patch 1.10 during the weather update. I felt like it really added to the immersion and fantasy, looking up at the sky and knowing you were on a new world with a different kind of cosmogony than our own.


    Thank goodness it wasn't the white one that disappeared; it'd be kinda awkward for the Night Elves if Elune just peaced off and no one noticed.

  • Druid Alliance

    Oh interesting. I didn't know that there used to be 2 moons.

  • Founder Warrior Horde

    No cross-realm battlegrounds!

  • Mage Horde

    @Navak This

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