Hi I plan to level as an Arms DW sword warrior. Please give me your hate and your honest criticism/support

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    I'll start with 5 in cruelty right off the bat. Mortal Strike won't be too important at 40 since I'm DW. After cruelty I'm going into arms. By the time I get Sword Specialization I will be close to getting Thrash blade. Here's how I plan to spec on my way to 60


    Thanks in advance for any fair criticism or advice.

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    Why not stick with Fury all the way down? Enrage and deathwish is pretty nice and comparable and I'd say better while leveling. Is it mainly to try and double dip on sword spec with dual wield?

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    When you DW you get to use Overpower a lot more often because you have two fast weapons procing Dodge all the time. I think this makes Imp Overpower + Deep Wounds a very attractive option for DW. Maybe rush straight for those talents, even skipping Cruelty.

    On the other hand, Piercing Howl is probably the most useful talent for a warrior if you are SOLO leveling (aside from Sweeping Strikes). It will save your life so many times over the course of your 1-60 journey. For that reason you may consider sticking with Fury the whole way.

    If you want to consider Fury, Flurry has an interesting interaction with DW. With two weapons you have more opportunities to proc Flurry but at the same time you also waste Flurry charges on your weaker offhand (same with Enrage charges). You can make the most of this by using a SLOW offhand and a FAST mainhand, ensuring more of your powerful charges go toward your stronger weapon. As Fury, you have the luxury of using a fast mainhand because almost none of your abilities depend on weapon damage (just Overpower and Whirlwind). A fast mainhand also gives you the option to dump rage via Heroic Strike much faster for periods of burst.

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    @Ayle I'm curious to see if getting those extra sword hits will help me clear faster and more consistently through mobs without having to wait for CD's. Also I just want to try something new tbh

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    @Gnarlybolt My concern for DW Arms would be the fact that your weapons don't synergize with Arms talents very well. Having a slow 2hander gives you maximum value from Sweeping strikes (limited by swings), Deep Wounds (damage done is based on a % of the critical), and Mortal Strike (based on weapon damage vs Bloodthirst which is based on attack power). You could try it, but I think you'd find it less than either of the main 2 leveling specs.

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