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    /kri-den-duh m/
    Noun: Something to be believed; an article of faith.
    “Treating each other with sincerity would be our credendum.”
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    Are you from Norway? 25 or older? Busy life? Family? Children? Career? Then Credendum will be the perfect choice for you. A serious guild without any obligations.
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    Credendum will be a place for veterans and vanilla virgins who’ve matured and found themselves with other pressing real life responsibilities. Drawbacks like you having to go ninja-AFK, failing to attend raids, going offline for a few weeks, having your baby crying in your microphone or other adult chores are all traits we expect, and accept. Welcome to a guild that works WoW around your life, and not the other way around. It doesn’t matter if you play for 6 or 60 hours a week, there’s always a place for you here. There’s no requirement to be hardcore, we just want to build a solid community of mature individuals who all share a love for classic World of Warcraft.
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    We probably won’t push for server first kills, but instead aim to be the kind of guild that will clear everything in a slower but steady pace that turns out to work best considering the schedule of our members. If retail WOW taught me anything the past 10 years, it is that Classic WoW was about the journey, the social aspect, and about teamwork. Nobody should feel alone, pressured or excluded for any reason. We also believe raiding should be fun and engaging and not a mindless chore. We will take no part in the current prevalent min-max culture, by to a certain extent making room for viable specs that are considered unoptimal and feeble by many. Also, we would like to keep the list of so called “Guild Rules” to an absolute minimum. You’ll come a long way here with some good ol’ common sense.
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    At the same time, we reserve the right to give the players with a more “hardcore” attitude towards raiding (the ones that always show up fully prepared with buffs and tons of consumables despite not being expected to do so) will be given priority for raid slots. This applies even if you’re playing one of the specs that are considered unoptimal like Retribution Paladins, Balance or Feral Druids and so on. Members must also acknowledge that the freedom we provide players slightly depends on the difficulty of the content. This means that if progression is going way too slow, we will try to take some necessary steps in order to get more optimal raid setups and gain momentum again. Through consistency, we should be able to progress through all the content eventually, there is no need to rush.
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    • Raid Schedule: Will be decided as soon as we have a sufficient raiding roster available at max level.
    • Loot in raids will most likely be handled via the EPGP DKP system with full transparency.
    • Legendary items will be distributed via Loot Council consisting of the Guild Master and all the Class Leaders.
    • Officers / Class leaders will be chosen by guild voting.
    • There will be PvP premades for those interested when the Honor system is implemented, lead by a former R14 Grand Marshal Priest.
    • Norwegian will be the main language in both guildchat and on Discord.

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    Please join our discord and give the GM a whisper if you’re interested in being a part of our journey: Use the following code to get in touch with us:

    Discord Invite: http://discord.gg/SCva9VM
    Interweb: www.credendum.eu

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    Love the set up. Clear and realistic view about what the majority of the players's situation will be. To bad you're Norwegian. Dont speak that unfortunatly.

    Harda bra!

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    @Pieter-Koffijberg Thanks mate 🙂

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