EU | Orc Warlock seeking Healing Class | Horde | PVP | Germany | Semi-Hardcore/Casual

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    Hi all,

    I am from Berlin Germany and looking for a duo Partner for my warlock. I am 37 and have a family. So i want to start to play beetween 8 and 9 pm every day till maybe 1 or 2 am.

    I play Wow since it was released and played a rogue as main in classic and was the first rank 14 on my Server. I then switched to warrior and joined a PVE Guild to see the Nax Content, but could only see 3 bosses before TBC.
    I also had a 60 warlock for a short time as an alt.

    I am Looking for someone who has deep and Long year Knowledge of the game, but is Maybe in the same Situation like me that he wants to go hardcore but can not afford the time anymore like back in the vanilla days.

    I am going to play on a german PVP Server.

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