20-29 PVP Shaman Meta 2019

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                    ***This build focuses on a high attack speed, with chance on hits.***        
        ***You may exchange any CoH items. I like the High attack speed of the Fist weapon***        
              ***Iron Knuckles is the BiS Fist weapon with an interesting CoH.***        
              ***You may exchange Frostbrand for Flametongue to ensure a Proc.***        
              ***This build has the ability to Melee+Red Whelp+Firey+CoH all in one swing.***        
                                        ***I will add more to this.***        

    alt textalt textalt text
    alt text
    alt textalt text

    (You may change these out for other CoH Weapons)

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

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    You expect to be able to do Stockades as Horde?

  • Been done before, don't know why it couldn't be done again? #nakedrun

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    Hah very interesting build. Why choose 1h + shield over a 2h for pvp though?

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    alt text
    @Inn0c The only hard part is the Eastvale Logging Camp Resurrectuion Hub. It IS a long walk. But, for the memes and dreams, it'll be done, especially to a full server, which I am hoping I have to choose which BG I want to join, because there will be 10+ 20-29 matches going simultaneously.

    @Navak In a dichotomy, the 1h V 2h, they essentially deal the same or roughly -20 or +20 dmg than eachother, but in the same time. I can swing my once time 3.4 seconds and NOT get a frostbrand proc, but I get 2 swings in 3.4 seconds with the 1.7 atk speed weapon. I could choose a faster dagger per se but the meme is in the fist weapon and it's an interesting proc. If I can smack someone every 1.7 seconds and have a chande to interup them, that means inbetween my earth shocks, i can mute them. So many times i've smacked a mage casting polymorph and I wish I had the pummel CoH.

    Every 1.7 seconds I have a chance to slow you by 25% for 8 seconds, Mute your spell cast, Firey Damage +Cast a Fireball.

    While my 2h 3.6 second axe does 120 White Dmg every 3.6 seconds. Maybe 20 more with flametongue, maybe not even a proc with frostbrand, and a solid 160 w/ rockbite.

    I'd rather overwhelm and absolutely disorient them. Combine my totems, Tremor shedding fears, Fire Totem casually spittin 30 dmg at em too.

    So Basically its more fun in sacrifice of maybe 40 dmg every 3.6 seconds, or 4 dps.

    1h 1.7 second = max of 120 dmg + Procs + Shield Armor + Blocking

    (combine potions, buffs and a shield spike maybe, idk if they that low level but, you lookin at some flurry.

    2h 3.6 seconmd = max of 160 dmg no procs.

    Atleast I think, I have yet to obtain all of these items or do this build yet.

  • Oh, @Cx-Security . Good thread πŸ™‚ Minor fubar on your image links as Shield Spec info has replaced Thundering Strikes. Icon is right tho πŸ™‚

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    @Einherjar Hehehhe I noticed last night lmao. It's so confusing sometimes making sure IMG urls are the same and in place lmao.

  • @Cx-Security Yeah, stuff like that happens all the time πŸ˜„

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    I've fixed the syntax/fubar and added an interesting 2her axe to accompany the build.

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    After practicing with the Supercharged Battleaxe, it is safe to say the Shield + Fist weapon will be the go to.
    I lose my HP 30% faster without a shield, and have less oppurtunities to kite/CC.
    With a shield I last much longer in a fight or leave a victory with more HP.

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    alt text

    Proof of concept.

    I hit for 3 + 35 +36 = 76 dmg.

    Then I hit

    36+20+40 == 86

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