Shadow Priest Gear Simulator

  • This is a shadow priest gear simulator written by Hrishi/Deathlace (Nostalrius) and expanded by myself, Niche (Lightbringer). Make a copy for your own editing.

    Being a Shadow Priest in Classic:

    The viability of shadow will depend on how Blizzard implements the debuff limit. In the original game, there was an 8 debuff limit until patch 1.7 (Zul'Gurub) expanded that to 16. With 8 debuffs, a shadow priest is impossible to play effectively in a raid.

    If Blizzard goes with 16 debuffs from the beginning, shadow will be viable right from the start, with your raid using good debuff discipline. There is a hard limit of 1 shadow priest per raid. In most cases you will likely be last on premium caster gear because of what I'll talk about next, but as you'll see using the simulator, priest dps doesn't scale all that well with gear anyway.

    [Edit - Blizzard Classic team has stated the game will launch with 16 debuffs]

    Most raid bosses are fairly short fights, and shadow's mana weakness can be propped up by potions, elixirs and regen gear choices. This changes wholesale in Naxxramas where most progression fights will make any reasonable shadow dps rotation impossible to maintain, and access to debuffs will be restricted as raid damage increases and thus defensive debuffs will be required.

    It is at that time I recommend switching to healing, solving both the issue of being unable to dps effectively, and your guild's sudden need for more healing in the raid. As you progress through the game, try to pick up all 8 pieces of Tier 2 and quality gear in other slots, as many priests will look past it for stronger itemization on a per-item basis. The 8/8 T2 set bonus is strong and efficient, making it a perfect set to transition to healing without dramatically affecting other priests' gear progress while you are shadow.

    There are 3 typical healing specs you can choose from, a pure healing spec and two hybrid utility specs. These are Power Infusion spec, which boosts a caster's dps temporarily, and Holy-Weaving spec, using Shadow Weaving from the Shadow tree to apply that debuff to boost warlock dps.

    Taken as a whole, starting as dps while healing demand is low, transitioning to healing when healing demand is high, it is plain to see priest is an interesting, flexible class. This plan helps a guild retain the same players for the entire content run, rather than replacing a dps member with a new healer recruit for the last raid.

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    Thanks for the insight, I am currently testing my shadow priest on Kronos III and aldo I do not raid yet. I can add that being shadow does not interfere in dungeons as you can still heal very good. I am looking forward to being a Shadow Priest in Classic, if I have to switch before Nax I am cool with that.

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    if only MC worked on raid bosses am i right

  • @ConnorBarnes said in Shadow Priest Gear Simulator:

    if only MC worked on raid bosses am i right

    mmm, Instructor Razuvious says hi

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    Thanks for this!

  • I have updated sheet with some items that are now interesting due to the item update and phased item rollout. An item like Star of Mystaria was simply a worse Diana's Pearl Necklace before, so it wasn't there originally.

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    @Niche let me know if you like the thumbnail I made!

  • @Melderon Hard to see. I did pick the original one myself. 😉

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    @Niche Oh I'm sorry it wasn't showing up. Can you send it to me on Discord and I'll get it on there? Melderon#1287

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    In the Damage sheet, there's Character!I7 mentioned both for casts per second as well as mana per cycle. But that field is empty. I understand it's probably supposed to reference SW:P, but it looks like it's not. Even though SW:P is accounted for when the number of cycles is calculated, it doesn't seem to be accounting for its mana cost.