The Hunter's Path by Sashimii

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    I'm getting very hyped for WoW Classic, and like a lot of people, i'm also working on my personal guide.
    These slides are just an example of the structure i'm using, final guide will be an Interactive PDF.

    I like to Main Hunter because i mostly play when i can, and going solo helps out. πŸ™‚

    So, i'd like to share a few screenshots of what i have so far and then explain the idea behind the guide.
    I'm not a big fan of very detailed guides, and since a lot of people have experience in WoW, i don't think detailed explanations are needed.
    Just a refresher should do the job. πŸ˜‰

    The Yellow Border on Skills means that you must be specced into that skill in order to have have it or upgrade it.

    Shots & Stings

    Mandokir's Sting

    Common Quivers


    The Salt Shaker

    So this is just a sneak peak.
    I was hoping in getting some feedback regaring this format. Is this useful for you?

    I have a bunch of stuff wireframed already, and still organizing content and creating images.
    The idea is that i'm creating a bunch of slides in Keynote, and then creating a table of contents to jump to where you need quickly.

    There will also be some tips and refresher's for quests and locations to farm and stuff. But nothing telling you exactly what to do in what order. The idea is to take it easy and enjoy the exploration, but remembering what was important.

    See you all in Classic. πŸ™‚

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    I like this format a lot actually. Feels very chill but easily informative. Oftentimes it seems like infographics take too much mental power to interpret but this is really simple.

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    @Taladril I feel the same way.
    You have to invest time to understand a lot of infographics before they're useful.
    I like to break things apart in categories and have just 1 thing per slide.
    Minimalism for the win. πŸ˜„

  • Alliance

    amazing slides dude. really clear, really informative. great work

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    Scope Mats

    For some items like Scopes, i chose to show that different scopes need different schematics from different places, and then to craft each of the scopes, what kind of mats you need.

    This way we can have a view for farming Schematics and a view for Crafting Scopes.
    Makes it easy for sharing all the information about a single topic.

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    Great stuff posted here mate, really appreciated!

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    A quick map for a vendor would be helpful for that kind of content. Small suggestion.

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    Arathi Highlands Vendor

    @Taladril Great idea! πŸ˜„ Updated Vendor Template to show a minimap with the Location on the Label and Coordinates where the Time usually is. πŸ™‚ Does this work better?
    Thanks for the Feedback!

  • Druid Alliance

    definitely better

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    Fishing Guide

    Created some more tests showcasing all the skills, the cost and the level.
    Made a slide for learning pet skills with the most common location as Alliance.
    And one for basic professions such as fishing with some complementary info.

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    Level 1 to 30 Skills

    Level 40 to 60 Skills

    In the Skills Slide, the way i did is the following.
    The cost on the left is how much it costs to buy a single skills.
    The price on the right is the total cost to learn all the skills in that level.
    The Skills with the Yellow Border are only available to purchase if you have points in that talent tree.
    The Skills are organized in the order of importante, from the left to the right.
    So if you can only have money to learn 1 skill, learn the first one on the left.
    It was nice to see that every 10 levels there's something interesting happening. πŸ™‚

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    Pet Skill Claw

    Dive Skill

    One more thing, in the Pet Skill Slides, i calculated the amount of Training Points needed differently than how other people usually showcase it.
    Basically when you're levelling your pet you gain Training Points, but the game show you the FULL COST for that skill, which doesn't make sense.
    Because it's actually an addition to the base cost of the skill. So if you used 15 TPs to purchase Dive, the next rank just costs 5 more, and not 20.

    The way the information is presented in-game and in the other guides, it makes it feel as if you need 20 points to learn it.
    That only makes sense if you only learn that rank, and not if you get a pet at low level and go learn skills as you level.
    I always used to get confused in-game purchasing Pet Skill Ranks because i always felt i didn't have enough points to learn the skills.

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    This is a great format, thanks for this @Sashimii ! Minor correction: on the first skills slide, it saws Claw 2 comes from a Strigid Screecher, but it's actually from a Strigid Hunter. In the next slide you have it correct, so this is just a typo I suspect. What would also be amazing would be bow/gun leveling progression, although I can see this potentially being a lot of work so I understand if it's not worth the effort to add. Thanks once again for this really nicely laid-out guide!

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    Hey @Vemp thanks for the typo!
    I'll update it and re-upload.

    I'm actually already making the bow/gun/crossbow progression.
    It would look like the Quiver Progression.
    I like to make 1 slide with a general overview, and then make 1 slide for individual pieces if there's multiple parts to the process.
    This way you can see an overview, then click on the specific item to jump to that one on how to acquire etc.

    Also, i'm thinking most about the structure, because this way i can change the content very fast when anything changes.
    These slides are not the complete guide. There's still a bunch of work to do, but it's gonna be pretty big. Hahahaha

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    6 Act Levelling

    So, i'm thinking of doing a Slide for each 10 Level block.
    6 Acts total with tips refreshers for that level bracket.

    If there are any specific things related to quests or dungeons, they will be in different slides.
    And yeah, here you can see an animated version of a character on a slide.

    The idea is that i'll have a bunch of elements with subtle looping animations to make the slides more visually pleasing.
    But in no way makes a static image of the same content useless.

    This way i can choose to make videos or export PNGs or GIFs or anything. Win win.

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    Are you able to write anything about gun progression? Kargoz's guide says something about bow progression, but I'm going to play a dwarf and wonder when and where I can find gun upgrades.

    Good post!

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    Yes, I’ll do Bows, Crossbows and Guns.

  • Initiate

    Post some Macro's that will work with the Live Classic client please!

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