Can a Casual Enjoy Classic Wow?

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    Hey everyone, Gracelesselk here from the very new Youtube channel Unconventional Casual. I wanted to start by say how sweet awesome this community has been and how welcoming to all players all website admins have. It is rare to find groups of people that are open to all play styles. That being sad there are somethings I want to ask the community. Primarily the casual scene that IS out there for Classic.

    Lets start by defining casual, as this is a hot topic in most forums. In my opinion, dedicating 10 hours for play time in week would be a good start. Considering at later levels the time to complete on level up, say 31 to 32, may take an hour or so depending on what this player chooses to do with this time. Personal life may be a higher priority to this person.

    I feel that a casuals never run out of content nor do they burnout from playing too much. I would say they enjoy the game the most. They get to explore the world on there time. They don't get the pressure, in a perfect world, to get to the end only to play the waiting game as they min max there toon in to the earth.

    "What about casuals within a guild they will never be able to contribute to a raid or PvP. They don't have time to play enough to do it." I would say to that NAY!! I knew many many friends of mine that are would just become mat farmers. They would become crafters for pots or food and when the guild downed a boss and we would post it out on our guild site. These people would be listed even if they did not do the fight.

    In the end I would love to hear what other people think. It would be great to see how large the casual side of the community is. Let me know your thoughts and see you in Azeroth when classic drops!!

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    There have been casuals since day one in vanilla. The only difference is you get to the content later than others. And that's fine. As long as you're having fun you aren't playing the game wrong. That's the best part about mmo's is that you define how to enjoy the game.

  • Yes, and I would say they are a prerequisite for everyone else to enjoy the game also. Classic is a living, breathing society of sorts and players of all skill levels and dedication contribute to more varied social structures and standings. A big part of the magic of WoW for me back in the day was seeing all these legends on my server, imagining the amazing feats of strength they pulled off to take down the raid bosses I could only dream of touching. I wasn't sad or jealous of the fact that I didn't get to experience all of the content, that's not how it works in real life either, and in many ways that's exactly what WoW emulates, life.

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    Absolutely! But it depends what your goals are. If you want to be the best in pvp or cutting edge in pve then you will have to devote significant time. Otherwise if you are looking for character progression or a fun outlet for exploration, leveling or roleplay then classic is a huge supporter of this. I feel like the current game its too much "everyone raids" or "everyone pvp". Classic is more of a choose your own adventure with limitless possibilities.

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    Thanks everyone for the responses so far. I would like to add, as I did not add it to the OG post, that this was more directed to the crowd of people that are negative about casuals. Of course I have yet to hear from anyone in our community that may fall into this crowd, which is great. Although it would be great to have a conversation with anyone that feels casuals ruin Wow and can not play it because it requires "Hardcore Play style".

    PS, thanks for the discussion on GMA today. Keep it up GMA team!

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    My personal take on this is that yeah, casuals have a place in all facets of wow. And in every guild. Yeah they may not be your weekly progression person. You may be lucky to see them online. But those are the ones that are also the most helpful to have around. As a casual myself, I farm mats, I take my time leveling, and I usually have toons of varying levels all the time. I like being the one to help people out. Oh, you need help with a dungeon, sure I'll help. Oh you need mats to complete a quest or make something, yeah I probably have some laying around. Casuals can be that person. Always handy to have around. My 2 cents on the subject

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    Youtube Video

    You should check this video!

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    I agree with the guys above.
    Before eSports, WoW was a game for all types of player, a world to explore and become immersed in. There were no achievements or "curves" that were expected, just a community and a personal reputation. People didn't really theorycraft or min-max until much later on. You just took your first steps into this MASSIVE world and had no idea what was going on.
    In my mind vanilla WoW was built as a casual game but has since evolved over time. So sure, get stuck in, do things at your own pace and have fun!

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    I think it depends on how you define casual. For me a casual is somebody who tries a game or jumps in and out, if they cant get past a challenge in 15 mins and leave, then they are casuals. If you constantly try and improve, progress, work on your character, work as a team, explore all aspects of the game, it doesn't matter how much or little time you have, you are not really casual. So yes I believe everybody who wants to immerse themselves in classic, even if its just a few hours a week and takes forever to level, they can enjoy it.

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    I am sure we all had more free time when we were younger. Now that I am married and have a man cub (four months old at launch) to look after, my gaming time will be fairly minimal. That being said I think I will enjoy the time I get to spend in game that much more. I want to raid, but I will be just as happy running dungeons, picking flowers and dabbling in PVP.

    I have set my expectations to play Classic WOW in a "casual" manner hoping to get in an hour or two at night during the week and maybe a four hour session one of the days of the weekend. Sometimes when you become to familiar with an item it loses its value. Not having access to Classic WOW all hours of the day is going to increase its appeal to me.


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