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    It's easy to submit your own content onto the site but to help you out, this quick guide will help you make your submissions look better and be configured to show up the right way on the site and in the right spot.

    Click here for a Markdown Reference Sheet to help format your guide


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    How it Works

    On the front page of the site there are guides and community features.

    If you like getting into the discussion of Classic WoW then our forums are for you. Feel free to dive in and start talking. Make new posts, reply to others and have a good time. Remember to be respectful and follow our ToS.

    If you would like to submit something to show up on the main page then you are in the right place. You want to make a post with your content in the Content Submissions section. Once there, our moderators will review the post and determine where best to place the content in the forums. They will then tag the content with the relevant tags which will then push the content to the main site. Please note that we are doing this manually so be patient and give us some time to get it put up. We generally work with first come, first served so it will get up as soon as content is sorted. If there are problems with it we will message you with issues so that the content can be fixed before publication.


    Guide content is something that is literally a guide. What we are looking for here is information that helps people in some way, whether it be how to get an item, explanations for how classes work, or strategies to try. Any content format is acceptable. You can use images, written text, youtube videos, spreadsheets, or more to explain your topic.


    Community content is a very free-for-all space that allows anyone to share generally anything worth sharing. You can post Classic WoW machinimas, pretty screenshots, amazing PvP action, written stories, and more. Just like with guides, any format is acceptable.


    The website is structured around the forums. Even though you see many things on the main page under guides or community, those are simply posts in the forums that are getting featured on the main pages. Discussion on the forums will also show up on that post on the main page so that everyone can see the same discussion. To add to the discussion, for now you need to be in the forums to do it.


    Use the Markdown Reference Sheet to help you format your content to look as clean as possible. If you have questions or problems, reach out to a moderator or admin and we will help you out.

    Making a Post

    After you click the create button you now have this post in front of you and a creation window on the lower left and a preview on the lower right. Whatever you create will show in the preview window exactly as it will be seen in the forums. The main site displays things very similarly to what you see here as well but with some small visual design changes.

    Add a Title

    Step one is to write a title. This will be the title of the forum post and/or your main page article.

    Select a Forum Category

    To the right of the title is a dropdown that allows you to choose the forum section. Choose Content Submissions if are making a GUIDE or COMMUNITY post for the main page. If you are making a forum post then choose the appropriate section.


    This section only determines where the post will show up in the forums. It has no effect on how it shows up on the main pages so please choose the correct forum section here. If you posted it in the wrong section expect to see a mod move the post. If you made a mistake we are happy to move it for you as well.

    Add Content

    In the main body of the post you can add whatever you'd like, whether it be text, a website link, pictures or videos. See the Markdown Reference Sheet to help you format your post so that it looks exactly as you'd like it to.

    Add a Thumbnail

    If you are planning on your post showing up in the Guides or Community section, you can add a special thumbnail. To do this, click the "Add a thumbnail to this topic" button. It looks like four squares and is the furthest right icon at the top. After you upload your thumbnail it will be shown with your content. If you don't add a thumbnail, your forum avatar will be used as the default picture.


    We are still working on fixing our thumbnail uploader. The thumbnail resizes to an odd shape if you try to directly upload a picture. Instead for good looking thumbnails do the following:

    • Upload your thumbnail to a picture sharing site, like imgur
    • Copy the url of the image or right click on the image and click "Copy image address"
    • Paste the url or image address into the thumbnail uploader


    Click submit after everything is complete. If your post is simply a forum post then it will show up in the proper forum section immediately. If it is in the Content Submissions section, then it will be reviewed and after it is checked it will show up on the main page. If you then view it on that page you will see that it automatically has banner art associated with it. This art is chosen based on the tags you attached to the post. If you accidentally posted content in the forum that you want on the main page, message a moderator and we will fix it so that it is broadcasted to the main site.


    Thank you for contributing to the website and we hope this wasn't too confusing for you. If you have comments or suggestions please reach out in the Comments & Feedback section of the forum or directly message us on our Discord.

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