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  • Looking for a leveling partner during the release week to hit 60 asap. I have my PTO saved up and ready to go. You in?

    I'm leveling a Troll Priest, looking for top end warrior. If you are a die hard Main Tank high end raider, even better. On our way to 60 would like you to tank a few dungeons for some quest items. Ideally, we have the same goals of being in top end raiding guild to kill KT. My main Goals, Leveling Times, and some background on my WoW history are listed below.

    I can provide links, stats, reply here, or talk in discord to answer any questions. If you are an elite PvE focused Horde guild on a PvP server looking for members please message me as well.

    Main Goals:

    • Reach 60 in under 7days /played
    • Obtain Ivory Raptor (White) 😍
    • Obtain that sweet sweet Benediction like I once had as a kid
    • Be part of a top PvE guild that will clear Naxx

    The white raptor has been a desire of mine since I first fell in love with the game nearly 15 years ago as a kid. Clearing Naxx is my most important goal. I was close on Lightbringer and know what it takes. I will be doing everything I can to accomplish that goal now as an adult.

    Leveling Times:

    • Ideally playing 18 hours straight per day and 6 hours rest until we are both 60.
    • I am flexible with leveling times if you would like to avoid peak hours, etc.
    • PST - I'm in SoCal.
    • Using at least 5 days of PTO

    WoW Career:
    -- Vanilla --

    • Main Troll Priest way back when (15-17 yrs old). Highest content was a few bosses into AQ40 and wiping on first boss in Naxx haha. So young... lol
    • Alt was UD Warlock, got it to level 59 as TBC launched

    -- TBC --

    • Mained on my Warlock for TBC. 1st to hit 70 in my guild. Guild was server 2nd to clear Kara. Sold my lock for $1100 and made a new account.
    • Re-leveled with a friend on Alliance for first time (Human Priest). Leveled as Priest/War combo.
    • Obtained Vengeful Gladiator's Rainment in 3s (Season 3) and haven't touched that character since.
    • Slowly phased out of WoW before I went to college

    -- Wrath --

    • Came back to wow, re-leveled Orc Shammy to 80 and raided most of the content
    • Quit when I heard about Cata and have never returned

    -- Private Servers --

    • Played casually on Kronos, hit level cap with Dwarf Hunter
    • Played casually on Nost, didn't hit level cap before shutdown
    • Played hardcore on LH - Lightbringer since launch date until it died. Orc Lock, Full T1, Full T2, 3/5 T2.5, Bloodvine, etc. Fully geared out. This was my first time having AQ40 on farm and pushed deep into Naxx (8/15). Guild 'Entropy' lost steam once Northdale released. All hail Desla!
    • Play casually on LH - Northdale to keep in touch and test leveling strats out. Hit 60 on Orc Shammy and confirmed I definitely am not going to roll Shammy for classic wow.

    Thanks for reading and best of luck! I hope to see you all on release day.

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    If I decide to go horde I can probably go tauren as I plan on being a tank. I have leveled to 60 twice on warriors once per faction with very slow /played solos(15d avg) but I feel like with a healer it would be a huge benefit just being able to grind faster

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    @brandon13ke I am very interested. My only concern is that I'm EST and may only be able to put in 12 hours after the first 2-3 days depending on what the launch date is. Feel free to add me on discord at Shubercuts#4630 if you'd like to chat more πŸ™‚

  • I'm in Central time zone and taking 14 days PTO for launch window. Id love to duo with a priest. Feel free to hit me up on DIscord I'm usually around! (Moosh#7335)

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    Are you willing to go ALLY? Im in socal in the IE i have 10 days off setup for the release date but if you are interested im down for cans of monsters and grinding ht me up on discord if you want Cirsoyeet#6456

  • Hey man long time warrior main. Check out my profile and posts, let me know if you think <LokTar'Ogar> would be the right fit for you!

    I have a duo leveling post aswell with EST semi hardcore goals. 72 hours+ a week in 7 to 10 days /played

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