About donations..

  • Initiate

    Hey guys, I just have a question about donating for the site.

    Pray forgive my ignorance, but could thy lessen it by telling me how the donations will help the site exactly, how will it improve it?

    Thank you 😁

  • Druid Alliance

    Hey it's a great question. We don't have a working donation link yet so there's limited ways to actually donate haha but there is a small help that you can currently do. To the right you see a support the website ad which, if you buy a t shirt, the profits go toward our expenses for the custom artwork on the site (art, icons, etc) which are not currently finished and we are paying out of pocket monthly for. We also are paying out of pocket for servers and other maintenance costs. So for now it would be to get more art and to keep the lights on. After that it'd depend on how much we got but we would get as much dev time as possible. We have multiple tools designed with everything ready to go but the development is too busy for now in finishing the design of the site.

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