Dual Druid levelling ?

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    Hi, I'm planning to play classic with my wife, the goal is to slowly reach 60 at our own pace while enjoing the game. No endgame plans, probably no dungeons (tight schedules, can only play 1h per day max).

    We both love druids so we are going for a double druid team.

    With that in mind, what is viable ?

    -Double feral ? Seems like the first choice

    • 1 Feral 1 Balance ? Seems intersting since the feral can deal with the melee and the balance can heal, root and cast damaging spells without being hit.

    I'd love to hear some advice on this.

  • Priest Horde

    Tank healer would be my first thought. I have leveled with a warrior (as a priest) and it was awesome. Didn't do much Druid in Classic do, I started my first druid in cata, and can imagine that was a very different druid then in Vanilla.

  • Founder Warrior Horde

    Maybe double shred build? And you can take turns shredding?

    Or maybe one bear tank and one shred cat? Growl holds aggro long enough for the kitty to shred mobs to death

  • Initiate

    I would think double shred build would work nicely. The druids would naturally bounce treat between the two druids. In addition you would also have a turn key group with ether druid being able to fill any of the roles healer, dps, tank.

  • Druid Alliance

    I'd mostly just go feral build which is pretty much cat for leveling. One of you can focus on getting tank gear while leveling and the other can save healing gear and you can take those roles for doing easy dungeon group setups. Double druid gives a lot of flexibility for world content so I'm sure you would have fun with it.

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    I am looking for an Alliance druid on a PVP server to level with. if you are interested see the due leveling forum.

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